Katoptronophilia Fetish – A Reflection Of Pleasure Part 1

I have a Katoptronophilia fetish. That, for me, means I love to watch my lover and I having sex. I’ve talked to some of you about how one of my favorite things is to be bent over doggie and pounded in front of a mirror. In my mind, it’s not narcissistic because what I’m really looking at is my lover’s face. That’s a little difficult to do when you’re getting plowed from behind.

What I like to do is get on all fours, have my lover get between my legs behind me, have them pull my hair just enough so I’m looking up a little bit, and push into me. I want to watch their facial expressions as they work. It’s a turn-on to visually watch them get off or derive pleasure from what we’re doing together. If my lover is a man, I back up on him and watch the look of intense pleasure cross his face. But, if my lover is a woman, I want to see the smile on her lips, the gleam in her eyes. Either way, I want to meet my eyes with theirs in the mirror.

It’s no secret that I have a twinge of voyeurism and exhibitionism running through my mind. So, this is a way to privately express that when I’m not feeling the crowd vibe. Looking at myself and my lover reflected in glass makes me feel sexy like I’m starring in my own porno without the cameras.

I’d love to play with you in front of the reflective glass.

I would get on my knees and suck your cock. My eyes would flick from your real face to your face in the mirror to how my lips look wrapped around your cock. It’s about technique, sure, but it’s also about presentation and I want to make sure I put on a great show! For you and for myself.

The act of sex is an art form that I have mastered. Not perfected, but mastered. It’s a delicate mixture of technique, finesse, and presentation. Having a dirty mouth helps, absolutely!

Wouldn’t you like me to show off my skills? I’d love to be in a room with floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Hell, one on the ceiling. I want to watch myself have an orgasm. And, if we’re in a position that I can’t see your face, I want to watch the look you have when you explode, too.

Let’s completely lose ourselves in our sex together.

When I masturbate in front of a mirror, it helps me visualize you with me. I can look at the glass as if it were a TV screen and picture your fingers buried in my pussy. Using a toy, I can see your cock as the one I’m sucking. Or, your cock that’s buried in my juicy, dripping pussy. It really helps me bring you into the moment with me.

So, now you know my secret as to how I have such fun on my phone sex calls. But, I want to tell you what I do when you’re on the other end of my line. I’m sure you won’t want to miss out!


To Be Continued…


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    I just recently found your blog and absolutely love it! I’m gonna start from your very first post and read from there. Perhaps you’d like to check out mine?


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