I felt him untie the gown behind me.

Tugging it hard, freeing me from it. He was still leaning on the side of the seat as he kissed my neck. He hooked his thumb into my tube top, lowering it on one side, and walked abruptly in front of me; this time, his excited hand reached for my exposed breast, gripping it tight, rolling my tender nipple in his fingers. His breathing was shallow. The barber placed his hand on my neck while he exposed my round, tanned tits, my lacy top carelessly set aside. This was not not Just A Trim and A Fuck!

“I want to see what’s underneath your skirt,” he said, still gripping my neck.

“Hmm…” I purred invitingly, pulling my skirt up slowly, teasingly, baring the straps of the garter belt connected to my stockings. “Higher?”

“Not yet.” He reached in between my legs, the skin that the tips of his fingers touched burning with flaming anticipation as they ran over my inner thigh; it made me sit slightly lower in the chair, my pussy begging to be explored by him. His finger softly brushed my clit underneath the lacy thong I wore, delicately moving it up and down; it made my pussy quiver, seduced by the erotic fantasies I’d had of having him touch me right here, right now. I opened my legs wider for him, welcoming another finger as they stroked their way onto my inner lips; my hips thrusting onto his fingers, my pussy desperate to be splayed out, used.

He let out a moan that sounded like a low growl.

As soon as his fingers got right outside my soaked hole where they lingered as if savoring the wetness. He pressed them in just at the entrance, stoking the fire he knew I had searing deep inside. His eyes moved from between my legs, to my ample tits, and back to my eyes as if asking for permission to dive in deep.

“Yeah, god yeah,” I managed to purr, my breasts heaving with each breath I took.


It wasn’t a question, it was a confirmation. The hand that was previously holding my neck moved up to my chin and with one quick movement, his fingers owned me — three fingers surged into my mouth and at the same time, his other hand feverishly sunk its fingers into my cunt, burying them so deep I could feel his knuckles. It made me gasp, moan out loud, finally getting what I wanted.

His fingers bolted in and out of me, quickening their pace. I spread my legs wider, moaning each time he anchored them deep in my pussy as if making a ‘come hither’ motion inside me, hitting the right spot each time that I felt myself lifting my ass from the seat to finger fuck him. At the same moment, I felt my saliva dripping onto my chin as he shoved the fingers in my mouth as deep as he could.

He was watching me.

Taking his fingers out of my mouth,  he knew I needed to breathe. Back they went to fuck my mouth again. He was like an animal possessed. I needed to satisfy my own aching desire — I was almost there, my pussy desperate to cum while his fingers felt heavenly nestled deep inside me. The fire within began to flood my entire body. It was engulfing me with that indescribable sensation. I grasped his wrist and made his fingers fuck me harder as I moaned louder.

He took his hand away from my face and hurriedly undid the button of his jeans, sliding his pants down; his hard cock sprung out of his pants, and he clutched the back of my neck, tilting it back, as I took his throbbing cock. It bolted straight into the back of my throat to fuck it.

His moans, they echoed inside me. I clutched his wrist that was finger-fucking me hard really tight. Holding my breath, my cunt was flooded with a quickening rush of searing electricity, sending pulsing waves of that overpowering release of euphoria within me. I clenched tightly around his slippery fingers. I let go of his hand.  He slid his now glistening fingers out of my cunt, he took his cock out of my mouth and made me lick my own juice from his fingers.

“Sit,” I ordered him while I caught my breath.

Coming down from the peak of my erotic state, I peeled myself from the seat. He did what he was told and sat himself down, jeans around his ankles. I knelt down in front of him and with his hard cock in my hand, I leaned forward and took his balls in my mouth, sucking them, tugging one after another. My tongue licked its way from his balls onto his shaft, up to the tip of his delicious cock and sucked it hard, my head bobbing up and down while I watched him watch me.

I sucked the cum leaking out of his excited cock; I could feel his body peaking, readying himself for that sudden burst of exhilarating release. He placed both his hands on the sides of my head, lowered it down and thrust his cock deep into my throat, plunging it in and out so fast, using my mouth savagely until his body tensed up. He possessively held my head steady as I felt his hard cock throb and jerk uncontrollably. Squirts of his warm cum trickled deep in my throat and I swallowed greedily, his cock finishing off on my begging tongue.

His body relaxed, his hands slowly releasing my head from his grasp and he gave a soft, audible sigh.

That was…the best, ever,” he began, still catching his breath.

“I loved it.” I rested my arms and my chin on his lap as I looked up at him. The feeling I had for this man was deeper than anything I had ever felt before, and beyond the naughtiness I shared with him.

He gazed down at me for a few seconds.

His small, piercing blue eyes looked as if they could read my mind. He reached down and got me to sit on his lap, wrapped in each other’s arms, savouring the moment of blissful intimacy.

“Right, let’s get outta here,” he said with that cute smile, planting a kiss on my cheek.

“Yeah, alright,” I said, chuckling.

I got up and lifted my tube top back in place.  Shifting my skirt, I looked at myself in the mirror. My long hair which was properly brushed.  But now, now it was all messed up with some strands stuck to the side of my face.

“You need to wash your hair I think,” he said with a smirk as he looked at me while he buttoned his jeans and straightened his shirt. I didn’t really understand how but he looked immaculate, even after all that.

“What do you want to have for dinner?” I asked, putting my coat back on and grabbing my bag from the seat.

“Chinese,” he replied while he shut the lights off and walked towards me to give me a soft kiss on the lips.

“Alright baby,” I smiled at him as he opened the door for me. Shutting the door behind us and we walked with arms around each other towards the car to go home.

I hope you love reading my sexy stories! I know I love sharing them with you! You can find all of them here! If you want to hear me tell you my stories in my sexy voice, you can find my audios here!

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