Catching my breath lost deep in this jungle I tried to get my bearings. I was a victim to a wild man. He had just face fucked me with no mercy. The front of my shirt had been ripped open and my bra hanging in tatters in front of me. As he stood over me I saw his cock covered in my spit still hard. Looking at our audience I didn’t see how I could get out of here.

I knew I was trapped as he reached down for me and tried ripping my pants off me. I pushed myself back away from him out of fear of what he wanted next. While at first, I had not been afraid the vicious way he shoved himself down my throat had me nervous.

The apes and monkeys shrieking in the background another reminder of how little chance I had of getting out of this jungle safely. I quickly pushed my shorts down before they were in shreds also. When he got sight of my naked bottom he started shrieking and jumping around. 

As the monkeys screamed he approached me and as I backed away he jumped onto me. Grabbing my hips he flipped me over onto my stomach and shoved his cock deep into my pussy from behind. The jungle erupted as it felt like the very place itself cheered on his mating with me. Feeling his thrust his hard cock in and out of me holding my hips bruising tight I couldn’t help but feel myself get wet. 

If he kept up like this I was going to cum. I couldn’t believe this was real but as his cock slammed against my cervix I splintered over into an orgasm unlike any I had ever had. Screaming my pleasure I started to slam my ass up against him. Going as hard as he was begging for more. 

The sounds of the apes and monkeys surrounding us fell away. Until there was only the feel of him taking me hard and fast as I came again and again. That’s when he went harder the sounds emitting from him had nothing to do with language. Pure primal instinct as he came deep in me filling me with his hot cum. Pulling out and slamming into me against and again screaming to his friends surrounding us. 

As my shaking body gave out I fell there limp panting turned on and terrified all at once. That’s when he flipped me over and buried himself right back into me. His mouth going to my breast he bit my nipple until I screamed as he forced himself back into me. 

Burying his cum deeper as he grabbed me by my shoulders and fucked me fast and hard until I was screaming again. The world splintered there on the jungle floor into a million pieces as pure primal instinct took over and I bit him. Marking him leaving my pleasure on his skin.

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