Getting lost in the jungle was my first mistake. One of many it would seem before the night was over. Being taken captive by a wild man and taken in front of a bunch of animals like a ritual was another. At what point it went from pain to pleasure I do not know. From screaming no as he thrust into me to begging for more. It was animalistic taken back to my most base nature. 

Having lost myself from my group somehow is when I came upon him. A man with an animal skin wrapped around his waist. A knife he kept at his side kept me from objecting. I don’t know what it was about him. I’d never seen someone at their most basic nature. Grabbing my arm he hurried us off into the jungle. 

You read about things like this but never believed it to be a reality. A man from whom knew no human rules. The way he dragged me along just showed off how strong he was. As we went further into the jungle I started to get scared. 

I would have before except he had taken me by surprise. As we got to a small pond I noticed how the animals around us instead of falling quiet started shrieking. The monkey’s cries startled me at the same time he grabbed the front of my shirt. His strong hangs yanked it in half on me revealing my bra. At the sight of my breasts still covered he hollered and grabbed it trying to yank it off me pulling me into him as the snap gave in back trapping me against him.

I could feel him hard for me as he pushed me back onto the ground. My flight instinct seemed to be broken though as I just sat there stunned. It was obvious what he wanted from me. The fact that he couldn’t seem to speak didn’t stop him from showing me exactly what he wanted.

This was more than proven as he yanked off the skins around his waist and stood there naked. 

The sight of his huge cock hanging there hard and leaking precum made me instantly wet. A part of me had already craved to be taken. To have no control. I could tell with this man there was no way for me to escape. 

Grabbing the back of my head he pulled my face towards his hard cock. My mouth opened even knowing how dirty he was. As the taste of his precum and sweat made me gag I tried to push myself off him. This seemed to only enrage him though and he took the back of my head and made me to swallow down his cock deepthroating him while gagging. I had spit drooling down my chin as I started to hear the monkeys screaming circling us. 

That’s when he came deep in my throat. I tried to fight up the taste bitter but was given no choice. As he released the back of my head I looked up and saw apes and monkeys surrounding us in disbelief. They seemed to be mocking me and cheering him on.

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