Juliet’s Hot Vacation with Full Time BBC

Hot vacation with big black cock. Now you know I went on vacation last week and I’m sure your dying to know what I did. Well I am so excited to tell you what happened. Let me start off by saying my vacation was very extraordinary. I went on a beach resort for the weekend. Now you know I love cock. I find just a sight of it makes my mouth water because it’s so delicious. Vacation and days off from the Temple means I get even more time to satisfy myself. I love to satisfied by men. I booked a vacation to the Maldives for a five trip. Vacation was no different, I was about to enjoy myself thoroughly on vacation. Even the flight was very beautiful and delicious. On the flight sprung for first class cause I wanted a top flight experience.

With first class it comes with priority boarding my bag were checked way before hand. The stewards asked to take my carry on bag and if I needed something out of it. I took my cellphone and my latest read The Book of the Disquiet and let her put the rest in the clubby hole underneath my seat. My seat was amazingly large and comfortable. I loved how it had plenty of cupholders, plugs for charging, free warm towel, cushiony pillow and take home earphones. Even the co-pilot walked by me and greeted me saying how he enjoyed flying me today. He was very handsome and I believe he enjoyed my presence the way he looked at me biting his lips. Being offered champagne and a fruit plate plus a menu for my in flight meal.

Everything looks tasty

Excitedly I drank my champagne and strawberries while browsing the menu for what I want to eat. Coming across herb lemon crust salmon with jumbo lump crab on top with almond jam glazed asparagus, and whipped garlic mashed potatoes. Calling the stewards to place my order, she assures me I made the right choice and my meal will be out half way through the flight. The flight was very relaxing and I was able to enjoy an nice movie and soft music while I read a few chapters of my book. As I have my book in my nose I notice a presence standing before me. The nice handsome co- pilot was standing before me smiling a purple emoji devil grin. He said the plane is on auto pilot so him and the pilot can take turns taking a break in the main cabin.

Having time to spare he kneeled down and began lift up my cover and skirt to get a peek at my panties. Beginning to munch on the outer pussy print of my panties. Pulling them down enough to get his tongue nestled in my clit he began to lick. As he ate my pussy from under the cover with much veracity he made me cum on his beard over and over. Welcome to the mile high club my vacation is just beginning.


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