Juliet’s Hot Vacation with Full Time BBC Contd

Hot vacation with big black cock. The flight was so delicious with being a nice big helping of cunnilingus in mid air. Landing was very easy breezy and I was able to be let off the plane first to the welcoming center. Welcome center was nice they checked our vaccination card and give me an lei lei for my neck. Going to the front desk I confirmed my room. They told me that I had an private one bedroom hut that was on the beach. Waiting for the concierge to come escort me to private suite hut . Who approached me was a tall, nicely build dark skinned black men in a white men’s blouse and khaki colored slack and open toed sandals. He introduced himself as Maki and that he will be my personal servant for the entirely of my vacation.

First, he picked up my bags all three of my hands in one hand and escorted me out the front door and onto the beach. The sun was beaming down on us as walked me to the mini golf cart that he would use to drive me to the hut. Second, sitting by his side he explained to me all amenities of the island, meals will be delivered if asked entirely. Opening the door suite he put my bags down and asked me if there was anything else I needed. Altogether looking him up and down the only other thing I could think to want is dick definitely. And he was packing a lot of it. Asking if he personally offered massage packages he said he has gifted hands. Forgetting even about unpacking he took a massage table out of the closet as I began to undress finally.

Big black dick seemed so delicious

Laying down without a towel he used his big hands to use oil all over my body. Paying careful attention to my booty, he massaged that in strong circular motions. Whispering in my ear to flip over, in which I think this is the perfect time to get him to add to my massage package. I asked him for more, he whispered back more while unzipping his pants. Out came this huge 9 1/2 inch and 3 1/2 inch mushroom head dick. He began to turn me back over and thrust his massive dick into my pussy. It was so huge it knocked the wind out of me on the first thrust. It was almost too much dick to handle but a few more deep thrust my pussy adjust to the thickness. He dick filled me up and he loved smacking my ass and telling me to take it all.

I was such a naughty girl and have flipping me over and all of a sudden immediately. Shoving his big dick into my mouth and letting taste his cum instantly. He came once but he was still rock hard and surprisingly. Straightaway, he shoved it into my pussy without letting up. Feeling so good I could not help but continuously cum over his big dick. We continue these sexy meet ups over all five days. He served meals with a side of dick, we fucked on the beach and at the pool.


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