JOI Tease and Denial; Will He Blow His Load Or Won’t He, Part 2

When I walked into his bedroom, he knew he was in trouble. He immediately started apologizing and saying he was sorry for not asking permission before masturbating. Promising it would never happen again, over and over. I have heard this song and dance before so I decided it was time to punish him this time.

Little did he know how much trouble he was actually in.

He knew it was going to be a long afternoon when I shut his bedroom door and locked it, I had him get completely naked and ordered him into his desk chair. I sat the chair in front of the computer where he was watching the porn that got him so excited in the first place. I tied him to the chair and made him watch. His cock was sticking straight up. That is when I would taunt him.

I sat there and teased him as he was watching porn. Then, I rubbed on my pussy and fingered myself which made his cock twitch and I had him begging me to let him masturbate his cock. I told him he could stroke his cock if he promises to do exactly as I say. So I untied his hands and told him not to touch his cock yet, I was going to tease him some more.

I told him to go ahead and wrap his hand around his cock and lightly slide his hand up and down. That’s it, slowly up and down, yes just like that. Slide your hand from under the rim of your cock all the way down to the base of your cock. Mmmm yes sweetie just like that. Now work your hand a little faster up and down the shaft of your cock. Mmmm hmm just like that. Oh, wait, no slow it down, sloooowww down.

Now stop.

Now I am going to masturbate your cock up ad down for you As I stroke your cock up and down I can tell when you are getting close and I stop and slap the head of your cock with my palm and flick it until it goes soft. Then I start stroking your cock again a little faster applying a little more pressure. As you are almost there I stop and slap the head of your cock again and flick it until it goes soft.

I go back to having you masturbate your cock for me because I love how hard you get. Now wrap your index finger and thumb around your cock apply light pressure and slide your fingers up and down the shaft That’s it yes get yourself hard again. I can tell by the way your cock is twitching that you are about to explode, no, uh uh not yet. Gosh, I could keep going on like this forever.

Will I or won’t I give him the release he needs. Maybe you need to be teased and told how to jerk your cock. I know you need to be told just how to masturbate your cock, don’t you? something different than that straight vanilla you are used to.

I hope you enjoyed my JOI and tease and denial blog!  Here is Part 1 of my stocking and foot fetish blog!  You can also hear me tell this story on my audio blog. I can’t wait to transport you into unimaginable bliss!




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