JOI tease and denial, will he blow his load or won’t he, part 1

Are you craving something naughty? Something different than the vanilla phone sex you might get otherwise? Well I think I have a solution. How about some of Alexis’s JOI, tease and denial? For those of you that aren’t familiar with JOI, it stands for jerk off instructions.  Which means I like to tell you how to masturbate your cock. Sometimes it entails getting edged to the point of cumming and then stopped. How about a little tease and denial to go along with it? Edging is my specialty and I do love to take you to the edge over and over.

You were wondering just how naughty we are going to get.

Your cock needs to be teased for a while just so you know you are alive. To increase your stamina, too.  L is Lay back on your bed, on the couch or in your comfy recliner. Get naked, and put your cock in your hand. Get ready for me to instruct you on just how I want you to masturbate your cock.  This is very exciting and really turns me on. You will enjoy my soothing voice as I tell you to stroke your cock up and down, slowly and lightly.

JOI is so exciting and I know you will just love it!

JOI can be so fun and exciting and can give you the most intense orgasms. In both JOI and tease and denial I like to tie you up to a chair where you can not touch your cock. I will be right beside you playing with my pussy sliding a dildo in and out. Pulling the dildo out of my pussy, I put the dildo up to your mouth and nose where you can smell my scent and almost taste my juices.

I can not wait for you to masturbate your cock for me!

Telling you how to masturbate your cock for me, I would untie you and let you stroke it and lick the juices off of my dildo. I will let you stroke it until you are about to blow your load, Then I will tie your hands back to the chair rejecting your cum. Both JOI and tease and denial can be either direct and firm or soft and sensual, I enjoy both types of sensual domination, which do you prefer?

Have you ever had a woman give you a true JOI experience? Where it drove you so crazy that you just wanted to explode but was glad you didn’t and waited for a while because when you did it felt like the most amazing thing ever! That’s what I want to give you the best JOI. tease and denial session.  Wanting to taunt and reject your cum, I want you to listen to me and do what I say without question. It will be in your best interest, I promise.

I caught my young son masturbating his cock to porn online in his bedroom after school, yet again! I had gotten after him in the past for doing that and he knows darn well that he is supposed to get my permission before he strokes his cock. This is because I want to help him achieve the best orgasms and that I am in control of his orgasms.

Want to know the rest?  Check out my audio for the full story! Do you want something else exciting to read, then read another one of my exciting blogs.



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