JOI Fetish & How I Caught My Boss Jerking Off At Work – Part 2

I really hope you are enjoying this JOI fetish story so far. I believe we were right at the part where I told my boss we were going to play a little game together that involved him jacking his cock off to some sexy pictures. The only catch is, it’s under my command and my command only. 

The first picture I pulled up was a girl in a plaid skirt and red heels. I told my boss to slowly start stroking his cock until he got to the edge. To tease him so bad and punish him for being such a naughty boy at work was what I wanted.

I made him take his hand off of his cock while he just stared at his computer screen. As I got ready to pull up the next picture, I could see his cock start to throb and him fighting the urge to hold back on playing with himself. I loved having this kind of control and I wanted to see how far I could take it.

I continued to pull up different pictures as I teased my boss and his cock. Slowly stroking and getting after and faster, I could see his balls getting so filled up as I kept making him edge himself. I just wanted his load to be amazing. I know that’s what he wanted too.

It had been about an hour, and I was still edging my boss at this point.

He wanted to cum so bad, but I just wasn’t ready to let him just yet. After my fun little game involving pictures, I told him to stand up and look at me. I quickly started to remove my shirt, revealing my tits. At this point, I could see his eyes start to widen. I told him to stroke that cock as I started touching and playing with my tits. I kept teasing him. Telling him that he wanted to cum all over my tits and tit fuck me with that cock. He couldn’t believe what I was putting him through at this point. Telling him to speed up and slow down whenever I commanded, not letting him cum. I felt so powerful and amazing through all of this.

I’m almost ready to let you cum I said, as I pulled my jeans and panties off.

I started fingering and playing with my wet pussy. He couldn’t look away at this point. He was so excited and begging for me to let him cum. I had him start stroking his cock again, getting faster and faster with each stroke. Of course, teasing him when he got to the edge as much as possible. 

After about 5 minutes of teasing and edging him. I allowed him to cum, but of course, I made him cum all over my tits. I can tell you right now that load was the biggest load I think I had ever seen. Never have I seen a man so tired before in my entire life. After he came, we cleaned up, we got dressed, and we continued to go about our workday like nothing ever happened.

I hope you liked this JOI fetish blog and if you missed it, read part 1. Or, if you want to hear me give some JOI then check out my audio blog.

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