JOI Fetish & How I Caught My Boss Jerking Off At Work – Part 1

Do you have a JOI fetish?

I have a question for all of you reading this right now. Have you ever walked in on someone while they were playing with themselves? If so, what was your reaction? Were you embarrassed, did you look away or did you just stand there watching like a creeper? 

You may be wondering why are you asking such a question, and well, I’ve had my fair share of embarrassing moments like that, but nothing could compare to what I’m about to talk about and tell you all next.

It started off as any typical workday. I had clocked in, had my morning coffee, and got myself ready for the day. You guys remember me telling you about my boss, and how attractive he is, and how he fucked me during my job interview right? Well for a while we continued our encounters. I just loved the way his hard cock made me feel and fucking around while at work was just super hot to me.

During our sessions, he usually was the more dominant one, and usually took control.

That is until I had walked into his office and caught him jacking off looking at pictures of me.

Unsure of how to feel about this, I caught him off guard and asked him what he was doing. Looking at me with an embarrassed look, he hesitated for a second, and that’s when I told him to stand up and pull out his cock so I could see it. 

I told him to put his hand on his cock where I could see it, and to slowly start stroking it. 

Without any hesitation, he agreed and started listening and doing what I had told him to. I told him to slowly start speeding up faster and faster with every stroke, really wanting to bring him to the edge. What had gotten into me this morning, I didn’t know. I just saw an opportunity to have fun, and at this point, I just ran with it.

He begged for more and for me to take control and I loved it.

I loved the way he looked stroking that cock taking my every command. There was just something so hot and sexy about telling him how to get himself off, it made me want him more and more.

At this point, he was stroking his cock so fast, he had gotten to the point where he was edging. I told him to slow down and take his hand off of his cock. We’re not done here just yet I told him. We have a while to go. 

I made him stand up and move from his chair. Then I got on his computer and pulled up some sexy pictures of hot girls off of different websites. I told him we were going to play a little game, just to make this a bit more fun and interesting. He had no idea what he was about to get himself into.

Come back on Thursday to read part 2 of my JOI fetish blog. Or, check out my audio blog to hear me tell you the whole story in my own voice. Or, if you want a refresh on how my boss and I started fucking, check out here.

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