Jerking off, Aria instructs you on how to explode part one

I know what you are. A filthy pervert that can’t stop jerking off. But I love it. I love watching a man play with himself. But even more than that, I love telling a man how to get to his big finish. So that’s what I’m going to do today.

So I need you to get your cock out for me. Whether you are completely naked or not doesn’t matter. Just get your cock out. Then, I want you to tease your cock by stroking just your fingertips up and down the length of your shaft. That’s it. I love the way your cock twitches with need and anticipation.

Your cock is greedy. It needs to be stroked…

So lay your cock flat against your stomach, just like that. Then lay your hand out flat, palm side down. Rub your palm up and down your shaft nice and slow, until you start to feel some friction. Oh yes… that’s good. I can see you like how that feels. Keep doing that for a minute or two… Not too hard! Not too fast either… We are just warming up darling…

So, I want you to pay attention to your balls.

So squeeze them gently, caress them, love on them. Message those two balls as they produce that massive load of cum you’re preparing to shoot for me. Just think of how much you’re going to shoot out. It’s going to get absolutely everywhere!

I can see your cock throbbing with need. I’ve had you teasing yourself for a while now, and I know its getting unbearable. But that is the point. Then I want you to beg me for release. I am in charge of your cock. I tell you when to touch, how to touch, how fast, how slow, how hard, how soft. Everything is in my control. Your cock is at my mercy.

So your cock throbs, aching with need. I enjoy watching that little spark of suffering. The head of your cock turning purple… I love it all. Will you beg me for release? Do you think I will give it to you?

So take your thumb and forefinger and gently squeeze the tip of your cock. Do you see that? That little bead of pre-cum oozing out? Mmmm that means your cock is desperate for more. Your cock is leaking with excitement. Think you can handle being under my control for a little bit longer?

Did you enjoy part one of my Jerking off blog? Come back on Sunday to catch part two.

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