Welcome back to my Jack and Jill Party story.

My first experience with strangers in a big group setting. To return back to the subject, of feeling all eyes in the room on me as I come down the stairs. My pussy starts to swell with desire and drips at the anticipation at this Jack and Jill Party. Walk into your open arms, you kiss my neck. Because of this kiss, I instantly buckle at the knees. “You are new here!” A sexy brunette with size D cup breasts, who was eyeing us the whole time, exclaimed. I nodded and giggled. See, I giggle when I am nervous. She was nude and gorgeous, but I was not sure where I could look. You knew exactly where too! Eyeing her up and down with that naughty smirk you get, that turns me on so much.

At that moment, I took a glance away and noticed a couple fucking on the couch not far from us.

At the table, there was another couple who were heavily engrossed orally with one another. Thus, my eyes were locked on the action. My nipples began to harden, my breath began to change, my eyes dilated. You changed your stance to behind me, our new lady friend in front of me. Because my desire was growing more and more with what was going on around me, I did not even notice.

Her mouth kissing my nipple, while you stroked my hair.

My eyes locked on to the couple across from us. At that moment, I could feel your hand slide between my legs and pushing through my thighs. And there you found my wet pussy just longing to be found. I was in need of a good fuck, and to be honest, I was okay if it was not you! But I also knew you were okay with having a good fuck with someone else. With that said, I knew because we had this discussion months ago. I took your hand and moved it on to her and stepped out of the way. You leaning into her, kissing her. My body instantly became super aroused. My nipples hardened, goosebumps took over me, and my mouth began to water. Because I watched your bugle grow in your suit pants. Oh, fuck, do I love that view.

Your belt was unbuckled by her, as she began to drop to her knees. You looked at me in amazement at what was happening. Thus, I began to smirk my “oh that is hot baby” smirk that you like so much. Watching intensely as she gulped your thick member. Because I knew what that felt like, my warm pussy began to drip, down my legs. You let out a moan and your back began to arch,  my pussy began to pulse being familiar with that noise.

At that moment, I looked around and saw everyone doing something with someone. Thus, I actually felt a bit left out. I made eyes with a couple that was playing on the floor not far from me. They both nodded and gave a nudge for me to come and join them.

I looked at you, noticing you were busy– so I took myself to them.

Immediately my clothes began falling off, lips were attaching to me everywhere, hands crawling on me. Due to that I began to moan and gasp in complete pleasure. I do not know why or how I was so comfortable, but god it felt amazing. Now on my back, and instantly took this sexy woman’s thighs and placed her on my face.  Her name, I did not know, and I did not care. For at that moment, I was finally getting to live out a fantasy I had for us, forever. Her sweet juices were flowing instantly into my mouth. My tongue dancing with her clit, suckling and darting in and out of the top of her opening. Below me the man’s cock was slapping my clit and opening, and at that moment, my first ever gush of cum came out of me. I squirted and let out a huge moan.

I could hear you cum in the background. Because of that familiar moan, I came again as he slid his wrapped with a condom cock deep in me. Holy shit this was happening! A Jack and Jill party, a small get together, a friend gathering, and now a straight-up sex party! Your cum on some other woman’s tits.

I was getting fucked  by someone I never knew before tonight.

I had a woman finally on my face getting to have her sweet nectar roll down my chin. The man pumping his big throbbing cock in my tight hole. This is what having another man felt like. I did not feel dirty, I felt liberated. After his groans and deep thrusts, I could feel another cock go in me. But, this one I recognized. It was your cock baby! The sexy girl took herself off my face, and you began to kiss me. I could not believe it, we were fucking one another in the middle of a room, with everyone watching us have sex

One of our best dinner parties EVER!

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