Jack and Jill Party, where you and I live get to live out our fantasies at a house play party with strangers for our first time.

Boy! I did not know what a Jack and Jill Party was, nor did I think your boss and his friends were anything like this! The invite you brought home from work seemed innocent enough. I thought nothing of it. To celebrate your transfer and our move out here was a great reason to get together. I was looking forward to meeting the other partners and their families. “No Children Allowed” was an odd bullet point on the invite. However, I again thought nothing of it. Also, it seemed strange that there was a dress code. I am from a small town, so maybe big cities just do things differently.

As I wait for you to come to pick me up, I add the bright red lipstick to my lips. Partnered with smokey eyes and my hair down, just how you like it- there was hope you would want to play when we got home. I could tell I made a good choice in the outfit. I watched the front of your pants bulge when I got into the car. Pulling up to the house, decorated for Christmas, it was a lovely neighborhood. As I stepped out of the car, you grabbed my ass. With that slight pinch at the end, I let out a giggle.

Everything seemed normal at his Jack and Jill Party until after dinner.

Romantic music playing in the background, lights turned down, the hostess asked us to get comfortable. At that moment, a few of the ladies stepped away. I assume they were not new to this. Because they came back into the room with far less clothing on. Removing your tie and jacket, you smile at me. I mean, did you know what we would be doing next? The hostess came to me with the question if I was going to change or be nude? Because the rookie confusion and shock on my face are why she escorted me upstairs.

“Have you ever been to a Jack and Jill Party, Mackenzie?” I shook my head no. Thus, she smirked with delight, for she had a blank canvas to mold in this group gather of fun. “You can be nude if you want, or you can borrow this”, she gave a lovely strappy lingerie set. She and I had the same body type, so it fit perfectly, like a glove. As I went down the stairs, you glanced up and I instantly felt sexy. Albeit having the other women and men’s eyes on me helped me stand a bit taller.

Although I never admitted it, I was always attracted to girls.

Shyly, I never acted on it. But the want for women grew even more once we were married.  That is to say, not only did I want to enjoy women, but I wanted to watch you with another woman. Admittingly, I was not sure what was going to come next, but I was ready to take it by storm.

To Be Continued…

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