Intro to Female Domination: Kayla Explores Her Dominant Side – Part One

“Do you want to please your Goddess?” I ask. “Yes, Goddess Kayla. Anything.” I remove my black thong and lift my skirt. I never knew a Dominant could be so turned on by submission. “Show me how you worship your Goddess’ pussy.” You eagerly take your place between my things, slowly kissing my thighs and pussy lips. Your hot breath is making me wet, but so does your obedience. You dive in with your willing tongue to show me just how much you adore this pussy. The taste of which, is a well earned reward.

I moan as your skilled tongue brings me closer and closer to climax. Do Dominants always feel this turned on or is it just me?

Just before my orgasm hits, I push your face deeper into my pussy and cum all over your face. You taste my sweetness on your lips and for a moment you consider diving in again. Then you remember, this is not what I asked. You wait for my next request, I tell you I want to watch you play with that delightfully, hard cock.

You are eager to touch your throbbing, aching cock. You are such a good submissive, resisting the urge to stroke that raging hard on. The cum must be filling your balls, making them feel so tight and ready to explode. But tonight things are not as easy and simple as they typically are. Tonight you are not in control, I am the Dominant and you are my submissive. So you comply and do as I ask. You take your cock and stroke it for me. I use my favorite dildo on my dripping wet pussy while I watch you pleasuring yourself.

Every second I watch your cock throb before me brings me closer to coming.

I tell you I want to watch you cum, when I say. You’ve never done this before, but you know you cannot resist. The idea of it is too tempting to pass up. You grow closer to your own orgasm as you play with your hard cock… wishing you were inside my pussy. You remember just how intoxicating it was to feel my tight, hot, wet pussy gripping your cock and draining your cum from those heavy balls. You’d love nothing more than to do that once more… Now, we explore new roles in our relationship; where you are my submissive and I your Dominant. God, I love the sound of that! Sends a shiver down my spine, makes my nipples hard.

Once you are close I tell you to hold off and cum with me… You want nothing more than to watch me cum while you cum.

My silky, alabaster skin glowing before you as my cheeks flush and you know I am close.

I’m cuming for you and you need to cum with me. Just then my moans grow louder and harder. You cannot resist and you hit your limit. Cuming before me as I slowly cum down from my own intense orgasm.

You collapse on the bed next to me. Neither of us can believe just how incredible this experience was. You confess you’ve never submitted to a dominant woman before, but this is something you want to experience again and again… 

Later that night I soak in a warm bath thinking of how incredible it felt having you under my power, how much more I want to explore in this new world of Female Domination. 

As a Dominant, possibilities are endless…. with the right submissive.

Want the full audio of this story? You can find it here.

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