Intro to Female Domination: Kayla Explores Her Dominant Side – Part One

You are on the bedroom floor with hands bound behind your back. You sit there blindfolded, helpless to my powers. This has been you fantasy for so long , and you finally get your wish tonight; I will experience being your Female Dominant and you will be my submissive.

You ache to experience pleasure, but the reality is you are not in control; I am.

You hear the clicking of my heels as I walk a circle around you, ensuring your hands and blindfold are tied securely. Just the scent of my soft, milky skin is enough to excite you. I catch a glimpse of your stiffening cock and smile to myself… I know this is just the beginning.

I take my riding crop and lift your chin, reminding you of your place. I say, “Are you ready to worship and serve your Goddess?”

Without hesitation, you whisper, “Yes, Goddess Kayla. I am ready for you to be my Dominant.” I have you lean forward onto your chest facing down. I order you to raise your feet, and I strike the soles of your feet quickly before you have a chance to hesitate. The sting lets you know this is real. This is real, and you are in my beautiful, capable, dominant hands.

I strike the soles of your feet once more. “Have you been a bad boy?” You confirm you have.

After I strike  twice more and tell you I will be punishing you for being a bad boy. I know you need to be punished, which means you’ll get the flogger and whip on your back. When I guiding you to your achy feet and re-tie your hands above your head, you smile. Making sure your back and chest are unobstructed. This experience as a Dominant was intoxicating, each demonstration of submission

I’m excited by seeing your broad shoulders and naked chest, I want to leave marks on you.

Every time you look at those marks you’ll think of me and how I was your Dominant. Impatiently, I imagined how your skin would flush from the leather of my flogger. The first swing of my flogger strikes your back, you jump but are intrigued. I see your cock is getting harder with each strike against your skin. Moving the flogger dragging it across your shoulders and to your chest. Swinging the flogger, it makes contact with your warm chest.  The sound is exhilarating! Your cock is throbbing!

I am excited to try more tools; looking over at my available toys I decide to use the Vampire gloves. A new way to tease you, caressing your back, chest and arms. Each new toy causes more excitement than the last. Now, I know you’re ready for my black and red leather whip, when you feel that stinging pain pull you in deeper into subspace. You enjoy the pain because you know enduring it will lead to a pleasurable reward.

It pleases me to see how excited each strike makes you… how your quiet sighs evolve into moans of pleasure.

You are under my spell and have no desire ever to leave. The sound of my voice grounds and calms you. My gentle touch of my hand reassures you, this is everything you didn’t know you were missing a Dominant.

After much anticipation, I will release your hands and remove the blindfold; you think this must be it. But the truth is, we are just getting started…

If you are too eager to learn how this female domination story ends, you can find the full audio here.

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