Interracial Swingers, Aria’s nosedive into BBC part two


Darius scooped me up off my feet, wrapping my legs around his waist and walked me deeper into the hotel room. I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened the kiss, slipping my tongue past his lips and tasting him. The press of his bulge rubbing against my black lacy thong made me ache for more.

Soon enough we had reached one of the two queen beds, where he laid me down and ground himself against me. I was panting, aching for more. Reaching down, I fumbled with his jeans, practically ripping them off of him. I needed his cock and I needed it now.

I was in shock when my hand wrapped around something far bigger than I could hold. It was my younger years all over again, holding a cock that was disproportionately massive compared to my tiny size. He had to have been at least 10 inches, and as big around as a soda can. I was equal parts frightened and excited. Was I really about to be initiated to the interracial swingers group?

I used both hands to stroke his cock between my legs, him thrusting into my hands as I did so. I looked up into his eyes and he smirked. “Is it your first time with a black guy?” He asks.

“Is it that obvious?” I asked coyly.

“It’s not every day that a sweet young thing like you walks through that door… Either you’re a BBC slut already, or this is your initiation.” He thrusts hard in emphasis, the tip of his cock pressing against my soaked panties. Instead of answering him, I lean up to capture his mouth once again.

Somewhere in the haze of kissing and stroking, I felt him sliding my thong down, eventually breaking the kiss to toss them over my ankles. He spread my legs and licked his swollen lips as he looked at my tiny bald pussy. It was glistening with juices, and he plops the full weight of his massive cock down over the length of my slit. I gasp in shock and pleasure. He runs the length of his shaft up and down, coating himself in my arousal before positioning the tip at my entrance.

“Are you ready to have your BBC cherry popped, babygirl?” He asks. I nod frantically, feeling like I might explode with anticipation. The word yes barely got out before he rams his cock all the way in. I cry out as I stretch open to accommodate his incredible size. I feel absolutely stuffed to the brim, but he wasn’t anywhere near ready to give me time to adjust.

He slides back out partially, and rams back in again, full strength. I grunt as if I had been punched in the gut, my ability to breathe impaired. But he didn’t stop. He kept going, pounding me again and again, picking up speed with each thrust. I had no choice but to submit to the punishment of his cock, wrapping my arms around his waist and digging in for dear life.

My moans were loud and frantic.

Curses fell from my lips that could make a sailor blush. I heard cheers all around me, men calling out to us, encouraging Darius to break me in good. I was loosing all ability to think, drowning in the sensation of his BBC. My eyes closed as he picked up speed once again, his huge ball sac slapping against my ass rhythmically as I felt the strangest urge to pee.

I tried to protest, tried telling him to stop so I could pee. But I wasn’t able to communicate properly. He wrapped his hand around my neck and pinned me to the bed, using that leverage to pump harder and faster into my stretched out pussy. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was aware of the front door opening, and a new arrival entering the room. But I was too lost to care.

The urge to pee got stronger, and I whimpered, opening my eyes to look at him directly. Just then I screamed, fluid shooting out of me and soaking Darius. An explosion of pleasure burst inside of me and I was full body shaking. My brain short circuited and I could do nothing but just lay there, as he kept drilling me with his cock. My nerves were electrocuting me with every movement he made, but he kept going and going, until with one final thrust, he cried out. He dumped every drop of cum into my pussy before slowly sliding his black cock out of me.

I couldn’t move.

I laid there for a few moments, trying to catch my breath. Finally I become aware of my surroundings, and a man is standing over me completely naked. He is shorter and more stocky than Darius, but equally as attractive. I give him a small smile as I feel cum oozing out of my pussy.

“I’m the guy you called. It seems like you started the party without me. Looks like we will make an interracial swinger out of you yet.” The man said. I rake my eyes down his body and stop at the appendage between his legs. If Darius was massive, then this guy was astonishing. His cock was about the same length, but he was even thicker. I didn’t think that was possible! I licked my lips as I felt my core clench. “Think you can handle a real BBC?” He asks, cocky.

“Oh I’m ready…” I purr, and so began the second of many rounds that night…


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