Interracial Swingers, Aria’s nosedive debut into BBC part one


I want to tell you the 100% true story of how I stumbled upon an interracial swingers group! So when I first started college, I lived on campus in the dorms. It may have only lasted one semester, but It was a fruitful semester for sure. The girl who lived in the dorm next door became a fast friend. We talked about anything and everything. She discovered my mission to experience everything I could about sex.

So one day she invited me to a party off of campus. She didn’t give me many details, but told me to make sure I had my ID, and was dressed like I was ready to fuck. With those instructions, my mind was racing. What kind of party is she taking me to that I was supposed to dress expressly slutty? Then I came to the conclusion that I didn’t care. Just as long as there was hope that I was getting laid!

Saturday finally arrived, and she drove us to a hotel. It wasn’t your standard one big building, rooms packed together like sardines. There were many buildings sprawled around, and all the rooms opened from the outside, like apartment complexes.

She led me to one of the rooms and knocked. A tall, muscular black man opened the door. The guy was in his late thirties, maybe early forties. He greeted her with a smile that indicated familiarity and she waltzed right in. He looked at me and his face took on a curiously hungry look.

“I’m going to need to see your ID.”

He said. I had come prepared, thanks to Lorraine. I reached in to my bra that was clearly visible beneath my dress, then fished my ID out and handing it over. This happened a few months ago, so I was barely legal. The man caught on to that fact and he licked his full lips. “I’m going to need you to do me a favor” He says, pulling out his phone.

“I am going to call my friend and give you the phone. When he answers, I want you to say your name, age, and where you are.” He looked at me, arching a brow. I nod, a little confused. He dials a number and hands his phone over. I put it up to my ear and almost immediately a guy answers it on the other end.

“Darius, I told you I wasn’t coming tonight.” The deep voice says.

“This isn’t Darius… My name is Aria. I’m supposed to tell you that I just turned 18, and I’m here at the party.” I say softly. There is a silent pause on the line before he responds.

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes.” He hangs up and I hand Darius his phone back.

“So now that that’s over with, am I allowed in?” I ask. Darius moves so that I can enter the room. When I do, my eyes widen to saucers. There are people of all ages in various stages of undress. “What kind of party is this?” I ask.

“Lorraine didn’t tell you?”

Darius asks from behind me. He was closer than I thought, his breath tickling my ear. His hands gently run up the length of my arms and goosebumps form in his wake. I shake my head, unable to speak at the moment, the lightning fast sexual tension stunning my vocal chords. “This is an interracial swingers party, do you know what that is?” I shake my head once again.

Darius leans in until he is pressing his body to my back, he leans down to plant a kiss on my neck. “It’s a party where married or dating couples come together and swap partners. Have sex with anyone in the group as much as they want. Everything is completely consensual, you can say yes or no to anyone who asks. But if you say yes, you do so here. In this room, where everyone can see. Are you up for it…?” He brushes my hair back to expose my neck further and lays a chaste kiss on a sensitive spot.

I let out a small mewl of pleasure.

Every nerve ending I have on fire. He takes hold of my hips and roughly pulls me back into him. Showing me his express interest in me. My breaths quicken and my eyes droop. My voice finally returns to me. “You mean I could have sex with every guy here if I wanted?” I asked.

“I’m positive that every guy here would kill to have a piece of you tonight Aria.” He whispers in my ear. At his insistence I turn around to face him, tipping my head up to capture his lips with my own. He slides the straps of my navy blue dress off my shoulders, pulling it down until it’s pooled around my feet. The sight of my undressing caused a chorus of cheers from the men in the room. But I didn’t care, I was just melting into the man in front of me. The first of many that I would fuck tonight. The others all attentively watching my debut into both swinging and interracial sex.

Because the best part of this party, was that every man there was black. RIP my tiny little pussy.


Did you enjoy part one of my Interracial Swingers blog? Well come back Sunday to catch part two! Can’t wait to hear all the sordid details? Relive the memory with me by purchasing the audio here.




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