Interracial BBC Sex – Charity Auction – Part 2

You smelled rugged, like a man. So strong, I could feel your muscular body from underneath your suit. Indeed, you could throw me around like a rag doll if you wanted to… and I remember thinking that I might just let you during our wild fling of interracial BBC sex.

We finished a drink together and then headed out on the town. While we were walking you leaned in to whisper in my ear. 

“Really, I was hoping you would win the date with me.”

I grinned ear to ear. 

Our conversation grew to dancing and before I knew it, we were in one of the hottest spots in town. This little club had the best dancing and drinks! You were mine until the morning so we might as well have fun, I thought.

After we grabbed a couple of drinks we hit the dance floor. When you began to grind on me, I could feel your cock hardening and the size was enough to drool over. I began rubbing my bubbly ass cheeks up against you, stroking your cock right there in the middle of the crowd.

I could have fucked you right there!

After all, I was so turned on and my hunger just kept growing!

I swear I could feel your cock grow almost to your knee and I wanted more than just a peak. Taking your hand, I led you off the dance floor and asked if you wanted to go back to my place. Instantly you replied that we could go to your house, just a couple of blocks from the club. Honestly, I wanted to sprint all the way there in my stilettos, but managed to walk alongside you.

The excitement grew as we got closer and closer.

In the elevator, we rubbed each other up and down, passionately kissing each other’s lips and necks. Before we reached your floor, you had those big lips in between my perky tits. And your fingers massaging my sopping wet pussy through my lace panties.

Abruptly, the elevator stopped and we tried to compose ourselves before the door opened. We were smiling like teenagers, barely able to keep our eyes off of one another. Stepping out, you followed closely behind. So close in fact, I could feel the heat your body was emitting.

As soon as your key turned and the door was opened, I pushed you in and slammed the door shut with my foot.

I jumped into your arms and, catching me, you had your tongue fully in my mouth as you carried me to the bedroom and laid me down on your bed. You climbed on top of me, lifting my back to unzip my dress as I kicked off my heels. Then, you slid down the top of my dress and unhooked my bra. As my perky titties bounced out, you began to ferociously squeeze and suck. 

As I arched my back, filled with pleasure, your big hands shuffled my dress past my round ass, down my legs, and to the floor. Immediately, you began to undress and your dark skin was so smooth, so delectable! And when you pulled off your pants, oh my! I could not believe my eyes! Then, pulling off your CK boxer briefs… your cock was more massive than what I had thought. The hardening of that long thick chocolate stick had added such girth, such length, and it was amazing!

I wanted to taste every inch of you!

So, I sat up and began sucking your cock like mad, gagging on your huge member as I rubbed the soft skin of your fit thighs. You grabbed my head as I worked down the shaft as much as I possibly could, pulling me in further. At the same time, I grabbed your cheeks and helped force your BBC down my tight throat. After all, I had never had a cock so massive as the dark wonder inside me at that moment. As you saw it plunge down my throat, you were filled with excitement and I felt a warm gush of precum drizzle down my throat and into my belly.

You took that big black dick from my cocksucker and laid me back. Then, you climbed up to mount me. When the big head of your dark cock, popped through my tight wet pussy, I almost orgasmed right away!

You pumped in and out of me, slow at first, stretching me with your girth. Then, bottoming me out with your length. I couldn’t hold back much longer; feeling my body temperature rise with every stroke against the velvety walls of my sweet little snatch. When I felt you throb, I knew your load was soon to cum! 

My sweet little pussy swelled around your cock, attempting to hold on. Pulling you in, coaxing out the huge load inside those big dark brown balls that were slapping against my juicy ass. Oh, when I came, the contraction caused you to erupt right inside of me. 

Oh, there were so many delicious cum juices between us!

We left such a mess, but you were so happy to spread my legs and use your tongue to clean up every last drop! Mmm… I took a quick shower and called a cab. I couldn’t imagine walking after such a session! When the cab arrived you walked me down and gave me a kiss. Opening the cab door for me, I thanked you and we agreed to meet up again. I can’t wait for my next encounter with you and your amazing big black cock.


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