Interracial BBC Sex – Charity Auction – Part 1

I didn’t expect you. You came to me as a prize. After all, I won a date with you at a local auction for charity. I work in the community a lot and didn’t think anything of it. Clearly, I did not know that this little adventure would lead to a hot night of interracial BBC sex that I would never forget!

Dressed up for the event, head to toe in red and black. I wore the cutest red dress that rested right below my sweet juicy ass cheeks, the sleeves just off my shoulders, and my cute little lacey undergarments. My 6-inch heels which were complimented by the black sheer hosiery clipped in by my lace garter. I was wanting to be worshiped by whoever I won, but if the night did not lead to such fun, I was still pleased that I was helping the local horse rescue.

Feeling frisky  I walked in expecting some gorgeous gentlemen, but everyone else kind of melted away when I saw you standing there. Indeed, your smile caught my eye and I did not want to bid on anyone else. Instantly, I knew I wanted to spend that time alone with you and would pay top dollar to do so.

When the auction started, you were first up. 

This cute little blonde number seemed interested in you as well; and soon, a bidding war began! She had all intentions of having you to herself and I was not going to let that happen! I kept thinking about your chocolate lips on mine, your sultry tongue deep in my mouth, and your huge black cock just there for my taking. I knew I could seduce you, if I could just get this other woman to back down.

Bid by bid, the price rose and everyone around was on the edge of their seats! This BBC was going to be expensive! But by the outline in your slacks I could tell that you were well worth every last cent.

Finally, the auctioneer yelled, “going once, going twice, sold!”

I jumped out of my seat in excitement! Yes, I won! Immediately, I looked over at the blonde who had a look of disappointment on her face. But she was kind enough to mouth “congrats” to me. Almost made me want to invite her out on the date with us! 

Right away, I knew that I was going to get the hot dark body that I wanted. I glanced over at you and, with a smile and a wink, I exited the seating area to go pay and get the night started. As soon as I paid, I headed to the bar where you were sipping on a rum and coke.

You licked your lips and looked me up and down as I approached. Then you arose from your seat to greet me. When you spun me around and dipped me into your arms, your amazing smile was complemented by your deep brown eyes that seemed to stare into my soul. Oh fuck, I thought I was going to be the one performing the seduction, but you already had me wrapped around your thick dark finger!


If you loved part 1, make sure you return Wednesday for part 2 of Interracial BBC Sex – Charity Auction!

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