Innocent girls, a sexual exploration for Aria part two

We were just two innocent girls, exploring each others bodies that day. So I pulled her shorts off, and her panties soon followed. I kinda knew what to do from watching my parents one night. But to actually do it was exhilarating.

So She laid there, in the grass, and spread her legs open a little, exposing her barely there slit. She was completely smooth, not a hair to be seen. My hand reached out until the soft pads of my fingertips ran up and down the length of her slit. She moaned softly, her body jerking in surprise.

I pulled my hand back and examined my fingertips. They were wet… huh. I don’t think she peed… I put my hand back, this time spreading open her chubby young folds and pushing my index finger inside of her. It was so soft and warm! Maria whimpered and her legs squeezed together, trapping my hand where it was.

Do you want me to stop?” I asked in a soft voice.

No… it… it feels good.” Her young voice came in reply. With effort, she spread her legs for me again, and I pulled my index finger out, but soon pushed it back in. I saw my parents doing something like this, but I don’t think I’m quite doing it right.

I close my eyes to picture how they did it. Once I have the picture of the game in my head, I reopen my eyes and lower down onto my tummy between her legs, ready to win at the adult game. My face is right about her privates, but I just use my finger to push in and out. So I start going faster and faster.

Maria moans and squirms beneath me.

Her privates get really wet, and my finger moves in and out with ease. I go faster and faster, happy that I’m making my best friend feel good. But I know something is still missing.

My face leans in and I give the top of her slit a hard kiss while my finger moves inside her. Was it a kiss? Am I playing the game right? No… it wasn’t a kiss. My tongue comes out and I lick hard, feeling a hard little bean form on her privates. I lick it, slow and easy while moving my finger in and out as fast as I can.

Maria clamps her legs around my head and legs out a scream. I immediately stop, and pull away. I look down at Maria and find her laying there, shaking. But it doesn’t seem like its out of pain. Her young face is flushed pick, and she is panting as if she had been running all day.

Are you okay?” I asked.

That was amazing!” She whisper yelled at me, still out of breath. I lay on my back next to her and take her hand in mine once again. This time, she turns to face me on her side. “Your turn Aria.” She says coyly. I turn my head to look at her and give her a soft smile. I love this girl, I love Maria.

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