Innocent girls, a sexual exploration for Aria part one

Something you might not know about me, is that I am bisexual. I’ve always really known that I was, even when I was very very young. Before I even knew what sex was, I knew I was attracted to both girls AND boys. But my first sexual encounter ever… that was with a girl. A long long time ago, before I was tainted by my neighbor… there were two innocent girls. These two girls decided to explore the unknown, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

So, it was Maria’s sisters’ birthday today. We went to Chuck E Cheese, and played all the games! Maria’s sister doesn’t like us, since we are younger than her. She says that we play baby games. So after the party at Chuck E Cheese, Maria and I decided to sneak off to the field behind her house.

The field is wild and unruly, the grass grows super tall. So if you lay down, no one can see where you are! We love coming to the field and just crawling around, hidden from sight. But today was different. We were upset over being teased. It’s not our fault we are so little!

Maria and I lay far out in the field, side by side, hand in hand. We have done this nearly every day for months now. Just taking comfort in each other. Maria is amazing, and she is beautiful too. She has long dark hair, that cascades down to her butt. Her skin is a soft golden tan, and her eyes, dark and shiny. Like onyx. Today she wore a red ribbon in her hair to keep it out of her round little face, making her look very young.

For some reason, we never had to talk much when we were alone.

We could communicate with a look or a movement. We understood each other. Our parents would often tease that we were telepathic. I didn’t really know what that meant. But they might be right.

So that day, I rolled over onto my side to face Maria. That day, I reached out with my tiny hand and stroked the side of her face. That day, I turned her to face me and leaned in to press my lips to hers. My first kiss, and it felt so right.

We moved closer to each other, our bodies pressed together tightly. We kissed over and over, her arms wrapped around my middle, and mine did the same to her. I got lost in the moment. I was enjoying how her soft lips felt pressed against mine. Her body like an unexplored landscape.

Her sister accused us of only ever playing baby games. So now we will play an adult game. I pulled back and looked into her eyes, speaking to her without words. She gave me an imperceptible nod, and I felt how right it was in my heart.

Maria and I become closer than ever today. And it all started with me pulling her shorts off.

Did you enjoy part one of my Innocent girls blog? Come back Sunday to read the dirty ending. Or if you want to enjoy the kinky explicit story, check out the audio!




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