Impregnate me, enjoy raw sex with sweet Aria part two

Welcome back to part two of my impregnate me blog. I was just about to get to the best part!

I pushed you back so that you were laying on the bed and I straddled your hips. Neither one of us had time for foreplay, I was going to ride you until I came. All the hormones of pregnancy had made me raging horny, and I was so glad that you had made the first move.

I grabbed your cock, and put it right at my entrance. Lowering my body, and swallowing it up in one fell swoop. Feeling you fill me up was ecstasy, but you were focused on my belly. You started rubbing it with one hand and grabbing my milk swollen breast with the other. When I leaned forward to prop myself with my hands, you leaned up and latched onto a nipple.

I moaned low as the sensation ran through me, strangely it sent shock waves straight to my core as you sucked hard and pulled gently with your teeth. My hips began moving in a rhythm much faster than I thought possible in my condition. You bent your knees and started meeting me movement by movement.

So I became feverish, moaning loud and saying lewd things.

I wanted you to spear right through my pussy and into my womb. I wanted you to milk my tits and drain them dry. You use both hands to grab my ass hard, and move me up and down to a pace set by you. You were drilling me hard and deep, ramming the head of your cock right into my cervix. I was going wild, my brain short circuiting and turning me into nothing but a blathering sex maniac.

More… give me more! Fuck me so hard I squirt from my nipples! With your baby growing inside of me, you keep pumping away. You were set and determined to give your unborn daughter her first cum bath. With one final use of your teeth on my nipple, I squeeze your cock tight and explode around you. That pressure sets off your own orgasm, and you cum harder than you ever have before.

You stayed buried inside of me, so to force your load up into my womb. So you gave your daughter her first cum bath… But you still have a whole month to give her many many more…

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