Impregnate me, enjoy raw sex with sweet Aria part one

Something that I have always loved ever since I lost my virginity, was the feeling of a man cumming inside of me. It’s why I don’t use condoms when I have sex. It feels unnatural, and I don’t get that satisfied feeling of hot cum filling me up. So it stands to say, that one of these days, one of the men I fuck will eventually impregnate me. So I want to act out this fantasy for you. I hope you enjoy.

I’m a very petite girl. 4’11 and about 90 pounds. But can you just imagine my petite frame, morphed with a large swollen belly? That’s what you fantasize about when you look at me. But you no longer have to fantasize. I’ve shared the happy news with you. You’re going to be a father! You fell to your knees before me, the day I told you, and you kissed my then still taut stomach.

You always thought I was beautiful, but as time passed, my belly started showing. Just a little bump at first… and it made your cock jump with excitement. When my belly started to show even through clothing, your cock would harden instantly, and not go down for anything.

Soon it became unbearable to be around me.

The bigger I got, the more aroused you became. You had taken to touching my belly any chance you could get. Feeling our child kick strangely made you want to bury yourself inside of me.

So when I became 8 months pregnant, you couldn’t hold back any longer. You had to have me. So one day, you wrapped your arms around my waist and hold my swollen belly to you. You started kissing my neck in just the right spot, that I had no choice but to start grinding my ass against you.

When one of your hands traveled up to my now much larger breasts, pinching my tender nipple, it’s all over. I turned around and pushed you onto the bed. I pulled the loose sundress up over my head and I stood before you in a pair of blue cotton panties and a matching bra. But my panties were practically hidden by my enormous belly.

Your cock was painfully straining against your jeans.

You pulled your cock out with blinding speed, but I took a little longer to remove my panties. My movements restricted with my center of gravity shifted. Finally, I was naked. I was glowing with life, and you felt as if you needed to drink that life right from the source.

You reached out and put a hand on my stomach one more time, your other hand making its way between my legs. I smiled knowingly and stepped closer, pressing my belly right up to your face. Both of us were ready to get off after all this time.

Enjoy part one of my Impregnate me blog? Come back Sunday to catch the rest! Or if you wanna hear it straight from my lips, check out the audio now!

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