If The Sleeve Fits (It Doesn’t) – Angels Dirty Diary – A little dick cuckold story

Mark was born to be a little dick cuckold, like seriously! If there is a god that would have been his purpose for creation. His dick was pathetic, I have a baby nephew and he is two years old. He’s got more going on than mark does. When I saw the picture he sent me I spent the call in hysterics and felt pain for his poor wife Megan. I suggested he go to the sex shop and get a dick sleeve, and his reply made me nearly pee myself with hysterics. He told me his dick was too small to fit the sleeve. Thank heavens for her savior a real man David. When I saw Mark’s master’s photo I got hot and felt a tingling between my thighs that got my pussy wet. Why couldn’t the sexy master have made the call that night was all I could think. I closed my eyes envisioning the chiseled black man with the cock of a god, no kidding Mark was his bitch! I even know guys with small dicks, none as small as Marky but his whole persona made him a sub.

Can You Smell Pussy? Oh No Thats Just Mark…

I mean even with a small dick it doesn’t mean you have to be a total pussy, but just talking to Mark I could smell it right through the phoneline. Not only did his cock resemble an enlarged clitoris but he also cried like a girl as well. Thats not all that made him a girl he also admittedly loved sucking balls, Davids balls. Mark was just born to be a cuck his beautiful wife Megan was lucky enough for it I suppose because at least she will be getting real cock tonight. I tried to get mark to take some inisiative and fight for his wife but he just didn’t have a manly bone on his body he was a walking talking vagina sadly. Ever since meeting Mark I’ve had fantasies involving this trio swim around in my imagination and I’m going to shar a few of them with you here. A shout out to Mark this is your inspiration in my imagination.

Magen enjoys anything David tells her to do.

Magen called loudly to Mark giggling, David needed his dick cleaned. It was her husband’s job to lick David’s dick clean before and eat the cum out of her after sex. David was ready to fuck her so Mark fell to his knees and got right to work polishing his master’s knob so he could fuck Magen. Soon David was pounding his big black cock meat into her cunt as her pussy lips grabbed his dick. Slowly her love curtains pulled David into her tight pussy hole. That big black cock pounded her every hole as she moaned loving the fucking she was getting.  She begged David to cum in her, but David whispered in her ear to which she laughed.

“Come here Mark David’s going to cum on your face instead.” She said as David was fucking her.

Mark obediently knelt at the end of the bed listening to his wife cum, which his micro-penis could never do. David was about to cum Mark tilted his face up ready to take the load. His lips came into contact with David’s dick and he followed his nose from tip to base and soon a jet of hot spunk was jetting onto Mark’s waiting face.

Do you like hearing about Mark’s cuckold experience? Tell me what turns you on most by phone or in the comments below. Part two will be out Thursday, but you don’t have to wait if you get the audio here.

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