Rammed Hard in my Ass as I Screamed

We were surrounded and cheered on by the others…..I grabbed hold of some other cocks….taking one into my mouth. I sucked it so good and deep. Kept going until everyone had their turn, and then I would do it again. Cock tasted so good. The guys held me as others forced their cock deep into my throat. They grabbed at my titties, slapped my face with their hard cocks. Steve pulled me down towards him, and I felt guys grabbing and fingering my ass. Suddenly I was rammed hard in my ass. Omg I wanted to scream. I was being double fucked, and I could hardly breathe. He fucked me so good and filled my ass with his cum. But it didn’t stop.



I Screamed, I was a Damn Good Whore

He opened me wide up, spread my ass apart for the next guy to fuck me even more. Omg I tried to scream but my screams were muffled by the cock in my mouth. I rocked back and forth, slowly and then I increased my speed,  going faster and faster, taking what ever cock deep into my ass, and Steve into my pussy. I was being double banged and loving every second of it. The guys would hold me, and slap my ass, my face. They called me a slut, a whore, and grabbed and bit on my titties. I wanted to scream to the world that I was a whore, and a damn good one.



I Screamed while taking Cum Shots on my Face

Both my holes were being penetrated, and my mouth was full of cock. Omg my body was climaxing , I was ready to cum. My hot pussy juices were running down my inner legs. They pushed me off and on top of the bed. Five guys stood around me all ready to explode their cum on me. I took their cum shots over my titties and my face. I ran my tongue along my lips, taking into my mouth their cum and swallowing it all up like a good little whore. The guys had Ieft the room before I got up and got dressed.  I  can honestly say that footballs my game, and slut’s my name.



I hope you have enjoyed reading about my latest adventure with the schools football team and Mia!  Come back next Friday for more dirty tales!!

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