My Fireman, my God, this was a Man with a Big Hose!

Turning I stood on the little bench that was there bolted to the floor.  Then reaching over I slid the suspenders down off of his shoulders.  He was so tall I had to stand on the bench to reach them.  Reaching down I then undid the snap and fly on the front of his pants and let them fall to the ground.

“You are about to fulfill my fantasy. of getting fucked by a fireman!”

A big grin slowly lit up his face.  Outlined in his boxers was his huge cock!  As I was staring at his cock he reached over to touch my crotch.  I was soaking wet right through my shorts!  “Feels like you have a fire that needs to be put out.”  All I could do was nod in agreement, I was so excited.

Quickly he removed my shorts and bikini top.

Reaching over I slid his boxers down to reveal a man with a huge hose.  It sprang out of his shorts like the fire hoses spring out of the truck when they are pulled.  His hand went down to cup my pussy as his lips came down on mine.  He kissed me deeply and forcefully!  I tasted blood as he bit my lip.  His finger delved inside my pussy deeply as he wiggled it around I couldn’t stand it any longer!

My climaxed was building and building until I exploded all over his hand!

“Oh Baby, you have me ready to shoot my load already and I haven’t even tasted you yet!”  With that he picked me up and sat me on his shoulders as his face dove into my pussy.   His tongue licked and lapped and he sucked on my clit.  sliding his tongue into my cunt, I let out with a scream as my second orgasm started to build.

Pulling me off his shoulders he slid me down onto his male huge cock!

Filling me and then more he started to slide me up and down on his massive rod!  It was painful at first because it was so big, but then it felt better and better!  My legs wrapped around his lean waist as he kept sliding me up and down on his male huge cock.  It felt like I was going to be split in two, but I loved every second of it!  I wanted more!  I moved my body in sync with what he was doing.

Building from way down deep inside of me I knew my climax was imminent.  Faster and faster we went and soon we were both on the very edge of explosion!  With one final thrust he slammed me down onto his big thick pulsating rod.

Feeling the deep spurts of his climax shooting into me I exploded yet again!

Screaming and throwing myself against my fireman. my climax rocked me to the core!  Never before have I ever experienced a climax so strong!  It shook me to my very core and sapped me of all my strength!  We eased down onto the floor and he cradled me on top of his broad sweaty chest.  Not knowing exactly how long we laid there, he finally stirred.  “I think we better get up before the guys break down the door.”

Standing up and retrieving my clothes I got dressed and so did my fireman.  “I hope I can see you again sometime.”   Nodding I told him I would like that, because I love being with a man with a big hose!  With that I walked out of the fire station and headed home


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