I get off on a man with a big hose!

I really  get off on a man with big hose! Living only about a block away from the fire station and I loving it!  You see it started a long time ago when I was just  a young girl.  I used to love to watch the firemen riding on the truck going to fires.  I would get so excited and I really did not understand what was happening to my body.

Feeling tingling sensations between my legs and my little titties would start to get hard whenever I would hear the fire station alarm.  As I got a little older I started to realize what was going on, yes I would get all moist between my legs and I would feel an excitement building.  Especially when I would see a man with a big hose!

Not knowing if this was normal or not I kept it to myself.

It got to the point that whenever I would hear the fire station alarm I would have to run to find a private place to masturbate.  God I would get so horny I couldn’t stand it!

So I moved real close to a fire station as soon as I was old enough to move out.

Making sure that  I was dressed in my sexy clothes I would often walk down the street past the station when I knew the guys would be out washing the trucks or something.  It would really turn me on to hear the crude comments and whistles that I would get from the guys although nothing turned me on more than when I would see a man with a big hose, dragging it around especially when he had his fire suit on complete with boots.

One hot day in July I was out for a walk past the fire house.  I had on a very skimpy bikini top with a pair of daisy duke shorts.  Hearing the whistles starting I glanced in at the fire station and saw the guys were dragging a hose around inspecting them.

Stopping to watch I felt myself getting very wet.

My breathing started to come out in short gasps as I stood watching.  God, I was going to cum right here on the sidewalk!  There was this one guy watching me.  He was really cute and built.  He had ice blue eyes and dirty blond hair.  All he had on was his pants held up by suspenders and his fireman boots.   I new beyond a shadow of a doubt that this male had a huge cock!  As I stood watching him he was watching me.

I didn’t realize that I started to rub my pussy, I was so horny.

Slowly he walked over to me and took me by the hand and led me into the shade of the firehouse.  Oh God, I was inside the firehouse! It was a dream come true.  All the men, all the big hoses! He lead me all the way to the back into what I am guessing was the locker room.  Hearing all kinds of comments and whistles I was aware that everyone else in there knew what was going to happen.  I didn’t care.   We entered into this other room which I realized was the locker room and shower.  My fireman turned and locked the door and then faced me.  I saw lust in his eyes and a huge cock in his pants.

“Baby, you have me rock hard.  I want to fuck you you sexy little cunt!”


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