Saturday night I begged for sex

I decided to try something new, and explore online for hot, single men who just want some sexy slut to chat with.  Mark fit that call and we confirmed talking again this Saturday night.  While lying on my bed I waited. Mark was right on time.  We had some small talk, but he was just as eager as I was to get to the good hard sex.  He was so hot and sexy.  Thick dark hair and piercing green eyes, slightly built and I wanted to run my lips all over his body.  As we talked I ran my hand up between my legs to my hot wet pussy.  I stroked it so gently, moaning with the touch of my hand.  Mmm it felt so good.  I yearned to have Mark ravish my pussy, and begged for him to make me cum all night long.

Wet fingers along my lips begging to be sucked

I fingered myself, licking each finger of my pussy juice.  I ran my wet fingers along my lips.  Then sucked them, telling Mark how good I tasted.  My hand grabbed hold of my tits, pinching and twisting my nipples that it hurt.  I moaned out in pain, and pleasure.  With each pinch my pussy got more and more wet.  Oh, please fuck me Mark I cried.  I forced my fingers into me.  So hard I cried.  More sexy, more.  give it to me.  Mark begged for me to continue playing with myself.  He wanted to hear the sound of my pussy juice as I fisted myself.  He held his cock so tight, jerking it with each sound.  Ohhh Mia, it’s so good.  You are so hot.  My cock is so hard.  I want to fuck you bad.

Wide open I begged him to fill me with his cock

I told him about how I wanted to take his big hard cock into my mouth and deep down my throat.  Run my tongue along his cock, kiss and suck it so good.  Deep into my throat so that I was choking.  I wanted to suck him off so good so that he would cum in my mouth and I could swallow his cum shot. Mark told me of how he wanted to fuck my pussy so hard that I hurt so good.  “I want to tear you wide open, fill you with my cock, and make you scream and cry Mia.  I want to ram you so hard you beg for me to stop.  Only that I don’t.”  I wanted Mark to fuck me good.  I want his hard cock ripping my pussy wide open.  I squirted my juices as he came while crying out my name.


I hope you have enjoyed reading about my adventure with the sexy online friend and his girl Mia!  Come back for more dirty tales!!

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