Hypnosis Devotion Slave-Using A Hot Stud To Get Off-Part 2


“Back and forth,” Diana said, leaning back again onto the pillows. “Back and forth.” Ryan began slowly pumping his hypnosis hips, thrusting hard into Morgan’s tight, wet quim. Her ass jiggled under the force of each thrust, swaying backward as her body was pushed forward before bouncing forward as he pulled out of her. Morgan watched his eyes over her shoulder as they followed the motion of her ass cheeks-they were utterly fixated on the soft, shiny globes as they shook relentlessly.

“He can do this for hours,” Diana whispered, her hands roaming over Morgan’s body to find her heavy, dangling tits. “He’s so deeply in hypnosis now that I have total control over his mind and body. He won’t cum until I tell him to, and he can’t stop fucking you until I command it. He’s too deep into the motion. The slow, heavy swell of your ass as it sways back and forth…back and forth…”

Morgan let out a moan-she hadn’t been fucked like this in as long as she could remember.

Ryan just kept pounding her pussy like a machine, smooth and deep and relentless, angling his thrusts to brush her clit on every stroke.

“It’s so good,” she whimpered out as Diana tugged at her nipples, working the flesh of Morgan’s breasts with her oil-slick hands.

“That’s right,” Diana said. “It’s so good, and he can’t stop. He’s completely helpless, watching your ass and going deeper into hypnosis. It’s so slick and soft and shiny, moving back and forth, back and forth as he fucks you so deep…”

“So deep!” Morgan gasped out as she ground herself onto his cock. She felt her pussy clenching around him as the throb in her clit built to a crescendo. Diana pinched her nipples rhythmically in time to Ryan’s thrusts, sending pulses of pleasure through her whole body as she shook with arousal.

“So deep,” Diana whispered, her eyes locked with Morgan’s. “So deep, focused on the pleasure, seeing your ass sway back and forth. Back and forth, deeper and deeper.”

“…deeper,” Morgan moaned, her mind no longer able to focus on anything but the intensity of the sensations in her cunt. She felt herself slide over the edge into orgasm, a deeper and more powerful climax than anything she’d thought herself capable of, but Ryan didn’t stop.

He kept fucking her, deeper and deeper, his cock endlessly pumping into her soaking wet slit and rubbing her swollen clit.

“Deeper into hypnosis,” Diana whispered, her voice caressing Morgan’s mind like her fingers rubbed Morgan’s sensitive tits. “Back and forth, helpless to stop, deeper into hypnosis…” Morgan nodded her voice nothing more than mewls of orgasmic bliss now. She couldn’t look away from Diana’s eyes anymore, but she wasn’t really seeing them. She was seeing her own buttocks, slick and shiny with oil and shaking under the force of Ryan’s endless, ruthless fucking.

Morgan came again. She couldn’t tell anymore when one orgasm stopped and the next one started. She just kept cumming and cumming and cumming, helpless to resist the pleasure. Helpless to resist Diana’s voice. She knew what was happening to her, but she barely had any conscious thought left to resist anymore. What few fragments of thought she could muster were stuck in an endless loop, remembering Diana’s earlier words. ‘People are always better at following suggestions that make them do what they already want to do.’

Morgan wanted to be fucked like this. She wanted to be touched like this.

She wanted to cum and cum and cum until she couldn’t think anymore.

So she must want to be hypnotized and follow suggestions in that hypnosis. It all made so much sense now.

“Good girl,” Diana whispered as Morgan finally slumped forward in exhaustion, her orgasms melting into a blur of hypnotic bliss as Diana gathered her up and held her. “Such a good girl.” Morgan quivered at the words, her body unable to stop associating Diana’s voice with pure ecstasy.

“That’s right, deeper now,” Diana purred, and hypnosis Morgan followed her voice down into mellow blankness. She lost track of Diana’s words altogether, letting them melt into the back of her mind. She didn’t know how long she lay there in a fog of trance with Diana’s words flowing over her. It didn’t matter. The night was still young.

When Morgan’s eyes finally opened, it was to the sight of Diana’s ass.

It was absolutely beautiful, wide and soft and swaying gently in front of Morgan’s face.

Morgan looked at it and knew what she had to do. She leaned forward, lost in the motion, and began to lick…


I hope you absolutely loved this hypnosis story as much as I loved writing it! If you would like to get off to the audio of this dirty ditty, you can purchase it right here!


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