Hypnosis Devotion Slave-Using A Hot Stud To Get Off-Part 1


I never thought that hypnosis was possible, until one very hot night at my local BDSM convention…


Who the hell wore clothes when they didn’t have to, anyway?

That was Morgan’s attitude, at least. She peeled off every stitch with complete abandon as soon as she got to the clothing-optional area of the convention.

Morgan started her circuit of the play area. Finally, she wandered down the hall, waving to a few people she’d seen earlier in the day.

She wandered through a couple of rooms where people had already started, taking in an enthusiastic flogging session and a couple of people who were doing some suspension play.

It was on her way out of the second room that she realized she was being followed. (Little did she know, one was a hypnosis victim) Finally, on her way back out she noticed a man and a woman making the exact same circuit she did. They were both naked, walking about ten feet behind her but clearly taking the same path through the play area. The woman looked a bit like Morgan in miniature, about a foot shorter but with a similar curvy body and heavy, full breasts.

The man was taller, maybe a couple of inches taller than Morgan. He was completely smooth from the neck down like someone had waxed him fresh that morning. Morgan wasn’t sure if his cock just looked bigger because he didn’t have any pubic hair, or if it was because it was sticking straight out like someone was pulling it on a leash.

Maybe he just had a damn fine specimen of cock.

Furthermore, they weren’t coming up to her, but whenever she cut around an obstacle or glanced over her shoulder Morgan would catch sight of them again. The man was keeping that same distance, and the woman was following.

Finally, she ducked around the edge of one of the curtains…and stopped dead. Sure enough, within moments the man rounded the corner and walked right into her ass, dick-first. He stopped dead, his cock pressing into her left butt cheek, and the woman came around the corner right behind him and barely managed to avoid a collision.

“See anything you like?” Morgan asked, making a quarter-turn so that she could see the expression on their faces. The hypnosis guy clearly did-he was looking straight down at her ass and she could feel his cock twitching a little against her skin. The woman looked a little bit embarrassed, but Morgan didn’t see a ‘no’ there either.

“My husband was hypnotized by your ass.”

Morgan grinned lasciviously. “Yeah,” she replied. “I get that a lot.”

Finally, the woman snorted out a giggle. “No, I mean literally,” she said. “I’m his Dominant, and one of the ways we play is with hypnosis. I’ve conditioned him to go into a deep hypnotic trance just from watching my ass sway back and forth, and I guess when he saw you walking down the hall it kind of triggered him.” She grinned sheepishly.

Morgan raised an eyebrow. “Seriously?” She didn’t bother to keep the skepticism out of her voice. “You mean that, um…”

“Ryan,” the woman replied. “He’s Ryan, I’m Diana.”

Diana smiled again, this time with pride.

“Oh yes,” she said. “He’s always been something of an ass man, and he’s also a very good hypnotic subject.

People are always better at following suggestions that make them do what they already want to do, and he likes staring at my butt. It wasn’t hard at all to get him to make the connection between my sexual power over him and my hypnosis power over him.”

Finally, Morgan looked at Ryan again. His eyes hadn’t moved an inch from her backside. He hadn’t even blinked.

He just kept staring at her with that heavy-lidded gaze, his cock so hard she could bounce a quarter off of it.

Experimentally, she gave a little wiggle. His eyes followed the motion perfectly.

“Oh, it gets better,” Diana said, her smile becoming conspiratorial. “Want to see something really impressive?”

Morgan met her mischievous gaze, feeling her own smile growing. “Sure,” she replied.

Diana left came back a moment later with a bottle of massage oil. “Okay,” she said.

“Go ahead and get down on your hands and knees. I’m going to show you just how fixated on your ass he can really get.”

Morgan knelt down on all fours on one of the large body pillows, glancing back to see that hypnosis Ryan sank down behind her with that same glassy look in his eyes. Diana knelt next to them, one hand on Ryan’s shoulder and the other hovering just above Morgan’s back just above the swell of her ass. “Okay, um…” She trailed off awkwardly.

“Morgan.” She grinned. “I think we’re on a first-name basis, here.”

“Wonderful,” Diana cooed softly. She let her hand come to rest on Morgan’s body, petting the soft skin with an almost absent-minded touch. Then she turned her attention to Ryan. “Pet, I want you to listen to my voice. You know you can do that and still stay very deep in trance. Are you listening?”

Lastly, there was a pause. Finally, hypnosis Ryan spoke. His voice was soft, almost sedated. “Yes, Mistress,” he said slowly.

“Good boy,” Diana purred. “You’re deeply hypnotized by Morgan’s ass, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Ryan whispered. “I’m sorry…”

Diana stroked his shoulder gently. “There’s nothing to apologize for, pet. If I had wanted you to wake, I would have woken you. You know how helpless you are to resist the power of a woman’s body, and that’s just as it should be. Just keep watching now, and let it draw you even deeper into hypnosis…”

Finally, Diana reached over and grabbed the massage oil, and squirted a healthy amount onto Morgan’s ass.

She worked it into every inch of Morgan’s flesh, drizzling more of it on than necessary. Her soft hands were everywhere, sliding into Morgan’s crack and teasing her asshole with just the tip of her fingers.

“There we go,” Diana said at last. “All nice and shiny. He can’t look away from bright, shiny objects. The glint and gleam catch his attention and holds it, helplessly, drawing him into a deep and mindless trance. Isn’t that right, pet?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Ryan responded, a trace of a whimper in his voice.

“And if Morgan’s ass hypnotizes you, pet,” Diana drawled out, her voice husky with arousal, “and shiny objects hypnosis you…what does it do to you when you see her ass like this?”

Finally, there was a pause as if Ryan was already so deep that processing the idea was difficult for him. “…sends me deeper…” Finally he said at last, the words slightly slurred.

“And what does it do to you when I draw your attention to a bright, shiny object and then start moving it? Back and forth…and back and forth…” Diana’s eyes glittered with excitement.

“…I follow it…” Ryan said, his voice filled with almost religious devotion. “I follow it and go deeper.”

“Good boy,” Diana replied. She reached past Morgan, who turned her head to see Diana slowly guiding Ryan’s cock into her dripping pussy.


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