Husband Cuckold Fantasy The Bull, the Puppy and the Pussy Part 4

It wasn’t long until my husband was begging to come, and the bull grabbed the little cock bouncing in front of him and gave it a firm squeeze.  My spouse gave a defeated whimper and slumped down sideways off the cock that was drilling him.  The bull directed him up on his knees with is face buried down into the mattress.  He gave no warning as he lined the head of his cock up with that now gaping bung hole and shoved it in balls deep.

My clit throbbed at the pitiful cry my little puppy made.

I rose from my chair and went over to climb up on the bed in front my spouse.  I spread my legs wide and grabbed him by the hair.  Pulling him down to my pussy, he knew what was expected.  I loved how his face got smashed into my dripping slit with each thrust from the bull in his ass.

He was simply a tool, and that is exactly how he was used.

Taking him by the hips, the bull plowed hard and deep into his ass.  With each stroke my husband’s face was mashed into my pussy so that his licking and clit sucking efforts were thwarted.  I didn’t care.  I was building toward a heart stopping orgasm just watching him getting fucked by that enormous cock.

The bull started to growl.  The sign that he was about to blow his load into that well fucked ass.  He gave a tremendous grunt and slammed his cock in balls deep to spray a huge load of cum.  This was the undoing of my spouse, and he came with his face still buried in my pussy.  I let loose with a deep orgasm of my own squirting cum out of my pussy.  My husband raised his dripping face from my crotch with a timid smile.

He knew he had been used.

He was dripping with cum from end to the other. So, he busily started on his present task of clean up.  He started first with the bull, as he was our guest.  Next, he licked his cock and balls clean.  He then turned to me and took his time bathing each bit of my swollen pussy with a reverent tongue.  After that, he licked up his own cum from the sheet beneath him where he had deposited his own load.

The bull shook his head and laughed at the pair we made.  A strong vibrant woman who could manipulate with her sexual prowess, and a man that was confident enough in himself to allow her all that she wanted and more.  I was very pleased.  And a wicked grin spread across my face as I laid there, because I was already wondering when we could do this again!

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