Husband Cuckold Fantasy The Bull, the Puppy and the Pussy Part 1

His presence commanded the attention of me and my husband when he walked into the room.  He was tall, well built and, by the bulge in his trousers, obviously well hung.  I looked down at my kneeling husband as he whimpered like an excited puppy. The thought of getting to fluff the cock that was concealed there was almost more then he could handle.  He had sucked it before. He literally wiggled with giddy excitement like a puppy.  I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself.  I walked forward and placed my open palm against his fly while I glanced back at my panting spouse.  His eyes were riveted to where my hand rested. He knew that there was a fabulous cock underneath it that could bring such pleasure to both of us.

I snapped my fingers, and my obedient little puppy scrambled over.  He opened the fly in front of him with his teeth and released that magnificent cock.  It was practically the size of my forearm, and not even fully erect yet.  Without wasting a moment he nuzzled his nose into the balls that hung so heavy. He used only his mouth as his hands were clasped behind his back. As I helped our guest to finish disrobing my simpering spouse looked up and pleaded with his eyes to begin sucking that cock, getting it ready for my dripping wet pussy.

With a nod from me, he began his duty of licking and sucking.

His appetite for cock was voracious as he brought it between his waiting lips; sucking and slurping with gusto.  Divesting myself of my cute little pink outfit; I made myself ready for the pounding I was about to receive.  I always leave the panties on though.  Hearing him growl when he rips them off before he mounts me is one of my biggest thrills.

I snapped my fingers again and point to the corner where a little red square pillow marks the spot where my pathetic little cuckolded husband is to watch my bull of choice fuck me to orgasm after orgasm. My spouse looked up at me with pleading eyes, not wanting to stop what he was doing, but knew better then to whine about it.  Will he be able to control himself as that cock is buried in my hot sweet pussy over and over again or will it dribble out as usual, staining that poor little red pillow?

Shaking my head I turn back to my bull and give a sly smile to the now fully erect cock bobbing in front of me.  He is a man of few words and simple says “bed”.  I crawl up on the bed and lay down on my back. He reaches forward and grabs the crotch of my panties in both hands and rips in half with a roar, leaving the remainder hanging from my waist.  The bull has always preferred to make sure I am hot and wet for himself, so I simply spread my legs wide with the knees bend back out of the way.

He wastes no time digging right into my sweet snatch with his long and talented tongue.

This man was made for sex and pleasing women!  He feasted upon me, fucking me with his tongue and sucking on my clit until I was writhing on bed the crying out with orgasm after orgasm.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my husband cuckold fantasy coming to you on Friday!  If you just can’t wait check out my audio blog to hear my own voice paint the picture of what happens next!

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