Hump Day Quickie – A Spontaneous Work Day Rendezvous

A Chance at an Encounter

Hump day at work, I accidentally found myself on a local adult chat page.  Those phantom clicks were frequent, and I usually just exited those pages.  Today was different.  I was invited instantly to chat with a man also at his office in Boston.  He was charming.  We found common interests in music and literature.  He asked me what I looked like.  He told me he didn’t believe the selfie that I sent him was real.  Jokingly, I told him I could prove it to him anytime.  He suggested a spontaneous rendezvous, a cup of midmorning coffee at the shop about a block from my office, and in the lobby of his.

Lust at First Sight

It was no accident that I wore an extra tight, sexy and revealing suit to the office that day.  It was Wednesday, and we were closing on a big deal, and the client CFO was a leg and boob man.  I sat anxiously at the most private of the café tables waiting for Mr. Boston, Liam.  When he opened the door I recognized him instantly from the pic he sent.  I was relieved, but he looked in a little disbelief as he made his way over to me.  I introduced myself and as I stood up I notice that my skirt was hiked a little bit so that you could see my thigh above my stocking.  But he was just staring down eyes wide open peering at my chest as we shook hands.

Play Hooky and make it a Hump day

Then he pulled me in for a hug and whispered in my ear that the decision to meet me was the best one he had made all week.  We decided we had quite a little bit in common, and he suggested we take the rest of the day off to play hooky together.  I said yes before he finished his sentence.  We walked effortlessly together to the hotel on the harbor.  A hump day quickie with a stranger.  So naughty!  Without skipping a beat, he got us a room, and within minutes we were closing the door behind us.

A Quickie with Chrissy

The moment the door closed, He pushed me up against it and pressed his body against mine.  He leaned in and paused, looking into my eyes before kissing me.  It was sweet, tender, and started to grow in intensity.  I forgot about all the normal questions I would ask a partner.  He slowly, methodically took off each piece of my clothing, kissing every part of my body along the way.  Standing there, still against the door, naked except for my stockings and stilettos, I could feel my pussy starting to get juicy as he stripped for me, adding a little comedy relief with a little wag of his impressive 8-inch hard cock. A hump day quickie, was ok by me!

He grabbed me and we kissed some more as his hand reached down around my butt cheeks squeezing me closer to him and my hand finding its way between us reaching down to squeeze that thick dick.  He lifted my leg a little and just let it slide and rub up against my left thigh.  I closed my leg to feel that thick dick pumping between my thighs.  He reached back with his other hand that had been on my cheek, grabbed and picked me up by my butt cheeks carried me to and gently lay me back on the bed.

More Than a Feeling

I could feel his breath and lips on my neck as my heart started rushing, my own breath quickening.  Our bodies were firmly pressed against each other.  Our heartbeats pulsing the same as we gazed into each other’s eyes, I opened my legs as wide as I could, inviting him in.  That forceful suck on my nipples made them even harder they started to tingle and I could feel that tingle go down my belly and straight to my clit.  I could feel his mushroom head pulsing and throbbing against my clitoris and then he pushed into me slowly steadily.

I felt every single inch of that cock filling me up.  A rush of warmth came over my body like a wave as I started to push back into him as he pumped me harder and faster and deeper.  Our lips finally touching again, our tongues meeting, our bodies rising faster harder with more force.  He was holding me, lifting me up on to him, pushing deeper, fucking me harder.  My pussy was starting to swell. Because I could feel it getting juicier and juicier I knew I was going to start creaming all over that hard meaty member inside me.  He was ready, and he was coming to climax as he grunted a little bit louder.  I begged him not to stop I was almost there!  Yes, ahhhhhh, my body now vibrating.

An Amazing Wednesday

I never thought I would ever fuck someone after just meeting them half an hour ago.   We stayed in bed for another couple hours exploring each other’s bodies, and turned a hump day quickie into a Wednesday marathon.


Why not jerk off while you listen to me tell you this story.  Get the Audio here, now!  Do you need more naughty tales of Chrissy’s naughty exploits?  Check out last week’s story here.

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