Humiliation Pain Domination Gets Even Better

My pussy is getting wetter with each lash of my biting tongue on my new pathetic and submissive slave. Humiliation pain domination is my go to kink. Of course, my vicious and cruel laughter is more real than I thought possible as you listen and do exactly as I say. My fingers slide into my soaking wet panties as I tell you to twist and tie up those tiny balls. And, then as you begin to slap that cock at my urging my fingers slide deep into my hot cunt. Humiliation pain domination begins to make my body shake with my own arousal. I can hardly wait to make my pussy explode for the second time as I dominate you even more.

You beg me to allow your tiny dick to release that hot cum. Of course, you get even more turned on when punish you even more and demand you wait till I say so. Your entire body is pulsing with need as I tell you how you disgust me. Your humiliation pain domination mistress goes even further and tells you to get on your hands and knees. After all, that’s where all dirty little bitches like you belong.

Humiliation Pain Domination is Closer than You Think

I finger fuck myself as I look down at my pathetic little slave kneeling at my feet. I dared to open the door to my mean bitch for you. And, guess what? I not only like her, I love her. The humiliation pain domination goddess within me has been released. And, now there’s no turning back. I love the sound of your quivering voice on the other end of the phone. I love telling you to beg me for more. Nothing has ever excited me more than telling you how I can hardly look at you without feeling ill.

As your cock explodes with hot cum your humiliation pain domination goddess purrs with approval. Now that you’ve found me you can’t wait for more.

I realize as my pussy explodes with my own release how much I love this part of myself. Seems as though humiliation is a more sophisticated erotic palette. When we say goodbye, I realize I can’t wait to make you cry and stroke for me. The humiliation pain domination you so richly deserve made both of us explode and left you begging for more.

Are You Ready for Your Next Best Call?

You and I both know that you’re going to call me back as soon as your tiny dicks begins to twitch. And, when you do I’ll have you on your hands and knees again. Except this time I’ll bring out my butt plug and flogger. I’ll slide my fingers down the crack of your ass as you beg me to let you cum. My naughty chuckle will ripple through your body as I push that plug deep in our ass. You humiliation pain domination queen is getting hot again knowing how you’re going to scream.

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