Humiliation Financial Domination – Women Laughing in Humiliating Voicemail – NAT – A – 0006 – 3-27-23 – Part 1

Do you desire humiliation financial domination roleplay from a beautiful goddess and her friends? Keep reading!

You and I have been seeing each other for about two months. 

You like to think of me as your girlfriend, but it’s nothing really “official”. We are spending more time with each other though. Mostly going out to eat at expensive restaurants and taking me shopping, but you don’t mind as long as you’re with me. We haven’t had sex yet, but you hope it will happen soon. You did get closer a few weeks ago. I was at your house, modeling the new dress you bought for me. Then I asked you to help me unzip the dress. As you slowly slid that zipper down, your thoughts ran wild, & your cock started pulsing. My beautiful, petite body was being revealed to you. The zipper reached the bottom, and you got a peek at my ass in a thong. It was more than enough to make you cum in your pants. You rushed off to change, hoping I didn’t notice.

You expected to see me tonight.

At the last minute, I texted you saying I was having a “girl’s night” at one of my friend’s places. You text me back pretending to be fine with it. On the inside, you were incredibly disappointed. You wait up for hours, desperately wishing I would call, wanting to see you. Even if I just wanted you to drop off some food for me & my friends! You’d do anything for the chance to see me. It’s very late. Missing me, you start looking at the pictures I post online. In a few minutes, your cock is hard. You tell yourself you need to practice self-control if you’re ever going to fuck me. Just two minutes later, a photo of me in a stunning outfit & fuck-me heels sends the cum shooting straight from your cock. You clean up your mess, ashamed at how quickly you came for me yet again.

In the morning, you have a voicemail, and it’s from me!

You’re so excited to hear my voice, you play the message right away. It’s a little hard to hear at first with the music we’re playing turned up so loud. But then you hear me yell to somebody “HEY! Turn the music down! I have to leave a message! I told you all he’d be asleep!” Then I say to you “Well, I guess I have to do this over voicemail since you aren’t picking up. So here’s the deal. My friends and I decided to play a little game of Truth or Dare. And the first time it was my turn, I picked Truth. And do you know what my friends asked me? They could ask me ANYTHING they wanted, and do you know what they wanted to know? They wanted to know why I’ve been seeing such a pathetic  loser for the past two months!”

You hear my friends & I howling with laughter.

You’re utterly humiliated. You don’t know what to do. Should you hang up? You want to, but you’re dying to hear my voice. And desperate for answers. You know you’re no stud. So why WAS I spending so much time with you? 


I have a passion for writing naughty stories, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Don’t miss Part Two of this humiliation financial domination roleplay! If you need to finish the story now, listen to me read my filthy story to you in my sexy voice, and get extra-spicy details in my audio!

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