As you may remember Hailey and I were right in the middle of humiliating our sissy.


 Trying on all the dresses we decided to go with the all-red theme and had him buy the dress, and wear it out of the store. Also, to go with the dress black purse and red heels and black stockings. Considering, we were all dolled up it was time to really have fun embarrassing our little crossdressing sissy. We grabbed his hands leaving the store, and began our journey. 


Walking a few blocks to a local gay bar with him between Hailey and myself was quite fun. The stares and catcalls from those passing us made Hailey giggle with glee. Equally, causing our little fag boy to blush and stumble down the street. I am sure we were quite the sight. Two hot girls practically dragging along our well-dressed all dolled up cocksucker. 


 I instructed him to his head high and be proud of the pretty little girl he was. 


Entering the busy bar during happy hour, most people ignored us. We sat right in the middle of the room so that he could be on display. There would be no liquid courage today so we ordered 3 sodas and started eyeing the candidates for the next part of our plan. Hailey pointed out a very well dressed masculine man looking at us. He was tall dark and handsome and just perfect. Time for just a little more humiliating. Sending him over to hit on the dark muscular man, I could see his confidence was wavering. 


Hailey laughed coldly and told him to go ask him to blow him NOW! 


The bar was loud so we could not hear the exchange, but the sexy man’s eyes were very surprised. He leaned in and whispered in our panty boy’s ear while motioning for us to come over there. Asking us if we put him up to this Hailey and I played dumb and shook our heads no, but said we wanted to watch. He agreed, looking very hungry and ready. We all made our way to the bathroom. It was a private bathroom so we all fit comfortably.


I pushed our sissy to his knees while Hailey took out the other man’s bulging cock. Opening his mouth he started to suck on just the tip. He wanted more humiliating. So I told him that is not how you suck a big giant dick. Go deeper. Hailey laughed and told him to be a good little cock sucker or else. Opening real wide he went deeper. As a result, he started to gag on it. We gave him some encouragement by telling him to choke on that cock and what a pretty little dick sucker he was. Finally the guy cam deep down his throat. Like a good little cum guzzling sissy he was he swallowed every drop.


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