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Veterinarian’s Little Hucow – Part 2


Hurriedly, I undress and put everything on. Surprisingly, the bikini covers almost nothing. He crouches and examines my body. “Do a quick spin for me.” He orders. I do as he commands. Then, he sits up and starts to undo his pants. He grabs the sides of his pants with his underwear and pulls everything off. His cock flops out and hangs down. He’s massive. That thing is as thick as a soda can and about 10 inches long!


“I’m about to breed your fertile little pussy, my gorgeous hucow.” He growls. “Get on your hands and knees. Moo for me. Actually, moo a few times for me!” He presses his girthy member against my lips and grinds it into them.


“Moo..” I moan softly. Suddenly, I feel a hard and painful slap against my ass. “Ow! That hurts!” I cry out.


“Louder! Moo louder and moo more!” He yells. 


“Mooooo! Moo! MooOOOooO!” I try my hardest to imitate the way our heifers moan. “Moo-Ah!” I feel my bikini bottoms being tugged off. All of a sudden, something BIG and painful is being shoved into my cunt. “I-I can’t take it! It’s too much! You’re splitting me in half, mister!” I cry. Then, he grabs both of my breasts and pinches my nipples. 


“Shh. It’ll be okay, my adorable breeding cow.” He’s balls deep inside of me now. Then, I feel his hand on my back. I’m being shoved down onto the wooden floors. For this reason, I’m on my stomach. Explicitly, he’s wreaking havoc on my pussy in the prone bone position. Something wet is now pooling between my legs. 

Then, I hear a chuckle, “Oh? Is my fat little heifer enjoying this? You must want me to forcefully breed this pussy. Don’t you?”


Of course, I can’t deny it. I say nothing as he continues relentlessly pounding into my virgin hole. 


“Moo! Please breed my fat heifer pussy! Moo! Please breed me, mister!” I moan. ‘What am I saying? Does he have a magic cock?’ I think. 


All of a sudden, he picks up the pace of his thrusts. “I’ll come back as many times as I need. I have to confirm that you’ve been thoroughly bred.” He says between grunts. “Are you ready for me to fill your little fuck hole with my potent seed?” 

Vigorously, I shake my head no. “No! Please don’t!” I beg him. 


“Oh? Then why are you pushing your hips back into me? You’re enjoying this.” Consequently, he grabs a fist full of my hair and yanks my head back. ‘I’m going to cum now. Remember, I’ll be back soon, you little whore.” Softly, he whispers in my ear. 


Hence, he rams his cock in my cunt. Given that, the head hits my spongy pink cervix as I feel his hot load pouring into me. Soon after, he slides his cock out. As a result, the cum oozes out of me. 


“Well, that was fun! I’ll be back soon to breed you again. Clean yourself up before your dad gets back, okay? I’ll take care of the cows now.” He places a kiss on top of my head, stands up, and quickly gets dressed. Finally, I hear him getting work done, and I get dressed as soon as he leaves. 


Next, I take out my phone and see a text message from him.


Unbeknownst to me, he got a hold of it and put himself as a contact there. It reads, ‘You’re so tight! I can’t wait to ram my cock up your cunt again, my little hucow. I’ll make sure to breed you thoroughly next time!’ He left a kiss emoji at the end of the last sentence. I can’t help but not feel disgusted. Ultimately, I’m also looking forward to having my hole stretched out. Obviously, I want to be filled with his potent semen again.


Thanks for staying until the very end! Make sure to read part 2 of Rhiannon’s Hucow blog!

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