Hi! This is part 1 of my Hucow blog! I hope you love it~ I know I did. lol

Veterinarian’s Little Hucow – Part 1

It’s a gorgeous Sunday morning on my father’s farm. The glistening dew slowly drips down a few of the leaves on the apple trees. My father is busy getting things done at this very moment. He’s tending to the cattle right before the veterinarian comes by to inseminate a few of our heifers. The bulls are too rough on our ladies, so we chose this method instead.


I’m sitting quietly in the corner of our barn on a hay barrel. I scroll endlessly through my phone, not paying attention to what my dad is doing. I hear a few grunts as he rakes and shovels the dirty hay away. “Are you just going to sit there looking pretty, or are you willing to lend me a hand or two here, missy?” He asks. 

Quickly, I sit up and dust the bottom of my denim skirt off.


Then, I walk toward him and whine, “Fine, Pa! I’ll help.” I grab a rake and shovel. I begin to clean up with him, huffing every time I throw the hay in the wheelbarrow. I hear a knock and a quiet yet cheerful, “Hello there. I’m here to take care of your heifers. May I come in?”


Slowly, I look up and see a man who looks to be about in his early thirties. He’s tall with broad shoulders. He’s wearing a white coat and dress shirt, but I can vaguely see the lean yet slightly muscular body underneath them. 


As a result, I cock my head to the side and smile like an idiot. I utter, “Uh, hi… ” I don’t say anything else. 


My dad leans the shovel and rake against the wall and greets him. “Yes! Of course. Come in.” Shortly after, they shake hands and engage in small talk for a few minutes. Of course, I’m too busy paying attention to the handsome veterinarian to hear what my dad is saying to me. “Ember! Ember, are you there? You’re spacing out, girl!” He snaps his fingers in front of my face. 


Slowly, I ask, “Sorry, Dad. What were you saying?” 


“I was saying that I have to drive to the city. I need to get a few things done. Can you take care of the farm for me, sweetie?” I nod. He turns and walks toward the barn doors before I can say anything. I hear the engine of his truck starting. He then takes off. Now that my father is gone, I’m left here alone with the veterinarian and the cows. 


“Oh, so I guess we’re all by ourselves now, aren’t we?”


For this reason, the vet grins. Accordingly, I chuckle and look down, blushing. I fidget with my hands. Suddenly, I feel a pair of big and soft hands over mine. “Don’t be scared. I’m here to inseminate the cows, not you.” He laughs. 


‘Is this man nuts? I mean, he’s hot, but he doesn’t have any right to speak to me that way! He’s a total stranger! Why is he touching me?’ I think to myself. In reality, I stammer out, “Haha, S-sorry! I’m not used to getting this cozy with strangers.” 

Immediately, he turns me around and places his hands on my shoulders.


Consequently, I try to turn back, but he’s strong! Ultimately, he won’t let me move. Hurriedly, I search for a way out. My eyes dart around, then stop at the barn doors. The doors are closed. Quickly, I sheepishly plead, “Please, don’t hurt me.” 


All of a sudden, a warm kiss is placed on my neck. “I don’t plan on hurting you. I lied earlier. I came to inseminate you as well, my little hucow. Now strip for me and put these on.” Then, he pulls away, tosses a cow print bikini, a pair of cow ears and horns, and a bell at me. Surprisingly, I do as he says without protest.


Thanks for reading part 1 of my Hucow blog! Part 2 is coming out in a few days. If you can’t wait that long, then check out my erotic audio.

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