How to Get a Raise Part 2


Hey guys! This is part two of my blog, How to Get a Raise. If you haven’t read part one or need a refresher you can click here to read the first half of the blog. I hope you’re ready for some sexy persuasion!


I spread my legs more as he teases me. I know he can feel how wet I am and it turns me on even more.


He slips a finger into my panties and starts to rub my clit.

I let out a little moan and lean back on my hands. He teases me like that for a minute or two before he moves his hands down to his pants. Before he can unbuckle them I put my hands on his to stop him, then I unbuckle them for him. His cock is semi hard when I take it out. It twitches in my hand.


I slide down from his desk. My hands pull my skirt up my thighs and my thumbs hook on my panties. I pull those down nice and slow, giving him a little show as I remove them and drop them on his desk, then I climb into his lap. Putting my arms around his neck, I grind my hips against his cock so he can feel my wet pussy against him. He groans and puts his hands on my hips.


“How are you gonna earn that raise?” he asks me.


I show him how I’m gonna earn that raise by grinding my hips again, making sure to rub my pussy against his cock. I can feel it getting harder and pushing against me. Going nice and slow, I sit down on his cock. Every inch pushes inside me so fucking slow. It feels incredible.


I can’t help but moan, feeling his hard cock buried all the way inside me.


My boss has never been a patient man. Apparently he’s impatient even during sex. He thrusts up into me, holding my hips in place. I can feel his cock hitting me so deep. It makes me moan louder. The office door is shut but I’m sure anyone walking by would hear me at this volume. It’s kind of a turn on to think about someone hearing me fucking the boss. It makes me grind my hips more.


He pulls me in to kiss me on the mouth. His tongue teases my lips as he thrusts up into me. I keep my hips moving, trying to press down and take more and more of his hard cock. It feels so fucking good and it fills me up so perfectly. I can feel him throbbing inside me as he rubs against my inner walls.


He fucks me harder and faster and I try to match his pace with my hips.


I hold onto him tighter, telling him to keep fucking me more and more. I can’t help but moan over and over again, eventually moaning his name. Begging him to fuck me harder, I can feel that he’s already close to orgasming. He kisses my neck as he lets out another groan of pleasure. After another minute or two like that he tenses up all over. Without warning he shoots his hot load deep inside my little pussy! I can feel that he came a lot as it drips out of my pussy. I can’t help but cum all over his cock after that, getting my juices all over him. It was so fucking hot and we were both out of breath after that fuck session.


But you know what? I left his office that day with a guarantee that I’d be getting a raise on my next paycheck!


Thank you for reading part one of How to Get a Raise! If you want to experience this blog with way more dirty details you can purchase my audio and have it read to you in my sexy voice!


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