Slowly I insert my finger into her waiting wet cunt.

Leaning back she moans as she tosses er head back all the while enjoying the feeling of my finger and tongue on her.  She tasted so good I never wanted to quit!  I felt her tightening and her breath quickening and I knew she was getting close.  Sending her over the top just took a mere two fingers pressed into her cunt as far as they would reach and my thumb pressed at the top of her clit.  My girl started to pant and gyrate and before I knew what was happening she was cumming all over the place!  I am talking female ejaculation!  It was awesome I never saw it happen before, but she shot cum out her cunt just like a guy would out of his cock!

“I never saw you shoot your cum like that before!”

“Just call it a gift!  It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, who wheee!  You just have the ability to bring the best out in me, I guess.”  With that she leans over and gives me a big hug and whispers into my ear, “We have an audience.”

Looking up I see that the neighbor kid was out in his front yard watching us.  He was rubbing the front of his pants and it was very obvious that his cock was rock hard!  “Want to have some fun with him?”  I whispered back and nodded in the direction of the kid.  “Let’s see if he wants to get relief from the heat with us.”

“Let’s do it!”

“Hey Baby, don’t just stand there playing with yourself come on over here and let us help you out!”  Well we didn’t have to ask him twice he was practically running over to us.  “Do you think you can handle the both of us?”

“I sure will give it my best shot.”

“Why don’t we go around back under the big shade tree, I will grab a blanket on the way so we can all get comfortable and get some relief from the heat.”  We all headed around the back of the house .  I spread the blanket out under the shade tree and then we all stripped out of our clothes.  It didn’t take the kid long to get started he was on my tits immediately, sucking massaging and nipping.  I laid back and left him enjoy them while my girl reached around and grabbed his balls and started to massage them,

Moaning, he released my tits and laid back to enjoy his ball s and cock play.

That was when we decided to tag team him.  I straddled his head and lowered my pussy down to his face and started riding his face.  My girl started to suck his cock and balls.  The poor kid was moaning and shaking and I knew he wouldn’t take long to finish off.  It was at that moment when I saw my girl lift her head and start jerking his cock until he exploded with a huge shot of cum.  W

Watching his spurts of cum really turned me on causing me to convulse and cum all into his mouth!

As we all lay there panting and catching our breath, the kid rolls over and says,”I am really sorry I could not last any longer, but the way you were sucking on me and the way your pussy tasted it was a wonder I held out as long as I did!  You both are sensational! Also, what a great way to get relief from the heat!”

“Thank you very much, you are not too shabby yourself!  Maybe we can all do this again sometime, that is if you want to?”

I would love that, Anytime, just let me know!  I am really looking forward to the next time.”  With that he grabbed his clothes and slipped them on,”  As he was walking around the corner, he stopped to say, “Thank you very much, I really enjoyed it!”  Then he took off running.

Both of us laid back and started to laugh.  “That was so much fun, I can’t wait until the next time!”

With that we dozed off and on for a while and spent a nice lazy afternoon pleasuring each other and resting!  What a great day!

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