Another 90 degree day! Looking for some relief?  Let me fill you in on how I found relief from this oppressive heat.

I was out washing my car when my girlfriend pulled in.  As she got out of her car in her cute little shorts and tank top I give her a wave as she makes her way over to me.  “Another hot one!  This heat is really starting to get to me.”

“I know what you mean, but I found a way to get some relief, let me show you.”   With that I turned the hose on her.

“What he Hell, are you crazy?”

“Feels good doesn’t it?”  I then turned the hose on myself and soaked my t-shirt. What a relief from the heat!

My nipples immediately turned hard and poked through my t-shirt.

“That looks enticing!”  my girlfriend said as she pointed to my nipples.  She walked over to me and just rubbed her palms over my nipples.  “You are so right that water is so refreshing and it does cool you down.”

I leaned into her and gave her a very sensual kiss.

“God you taste so good!  I knew this was going to be a fun afternoon!”  By realizing this I grabbed the hose and held it up to my chest and sprayed the water down over my chest.  My girl comes over and grabs the hose from me and slowly lowers it down to it spray between my legs! This was a major relief from the heat however it also turned up the heat!

Leaning over the hood of my car and lifting my leg up, I gave her full access.

The hose was sprayed right up against my clit! OMG! Not being able to stand much more I reached down and started to rub my clit and finger myself!  Leaning back and enjoying the great sensations I was feeling I suddenly felt something different!

My girl had her tongue on my clit!

This was just about enough to send me over the top causing me to convulse, shake and buck! Therefore I was getting ready to explode.”Yes Baby!  Don’t hold back, let the feelings control you and take you over!” That was all it took because at that moment I was  out of control!  Letting it wash over me, I collapsed onto the hood of my car.

“Ok Baby it is now your turn!”  I took the hose and started I nice gentle spray at her chest..  Slowly she backed up to the lawn chair that was sitting there and sat down, throwing her legs over the arms of the chair.  “Oh yes, that’s it, open wide for me.”  I slid her shorts over to the side and started spraying her pussy, gently at first and then slowly increasing the pressure.

“Why don’t you remove those shorts, they are getting in the way!”

“My pleasure!”  She stood and removed the shorts and then sat back down opening herself up to me.

“You have got to have the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen!  Nice puffy lips that open up to a juicy pink clit that is just begging to be sucked on.  Then it all tapers down to your beautiful welcoming cunt!”  With that I got down on my knees in front of her and go in to feast on her delicious nectar!  I start off by gently licking from her cunt all the way up to the top of her clit and then back down again.  However by doing this I was causing myself to get very wet!

Make sure you check back on Sunday to find out the conclusion of HOW I GET RELIEF FROM THE HEAT.

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