How I became the Naughty Nurse! Part 2

“Never have I cum so hard in my life!”

“I like the nick name that you gave me, Naughty Nurse! A Naughty Nurse that is exactly what I want to be!”  From that point on I became the Naught Nurse.  I enjoyed my new found title and thanks to the Doctor, word spread very fast to all the other Doctors who might be interested.  I was never lonely on my night shift again!  Soon though I found another way to satisfy my sexual urges and that was with the patients.  Guys love to come in and feel like they were taken advantage of.

Let me tell you how This Naughty Nurse gives a Blow Job.

Let me give you a prime example.  I had a good looking middle aged guy come in the other night and he was suffering from a broken leg.  I think he fell off a ladder.  Anyway when I started my shift he was still waiting in the ER to go get a cast on.  My boss informed me about him when she gave me the nightly rundown.  “The guy in bed 12 has a broken leg and has been complaining ever since he got here.  Thinks he is the only one here and we should drop everything and cater to him.”

After my boss left and I started to make my rounds, I strolled over to his bed and looked in the drawn curtain.  He seemed to be dozing, but quickly opened his eye and shouted at me, “Hey you, nurse, I have been waiting here for two hours to get a freaking cast on my damn leg.  What’s the hold up!”

As I stepped through the curtain and strut toward his bed, I unbuttoned my top button, exposing a vast amount of cleavage.

This had him stuttering and licking his lips in no time!  “I understand you have been hear for a while rest assured we will get to you as soon as we can.  In the meantime, I have some free time and could keep you company.”  I walked over to the side of his bed and sat down real close to him and leaned over to whisper, “Would you like some company from a Naughty Nurse?”  Not being able to form any words he just nodded at me.  “Well then, what do you suggest we do to pass the time?  No ideas, well I have a few.”

With that I stood up and threw back the sheet and lifted his hospital gown.

“Well, Well, Well, what have we here?  It kind of looks swollen to me.”  Still not a word from my patient so I leaned over and started to closely examine his hard cock and then started to give him a blow job that he would never forget!  I started with his balls, sucking, pulling and nipping on them and then I moved on up to his rock hard cock.  It certainly did not take long for my masterful tongue to have him bucking and twisting and getting ready to cum.

He shot his load in my mouth and it was more than I could swallow.

After sucking licking and swallowing every last drop, I stood up and straightened my uniform, pulled his sheet up and said, ” I hope that you don’t mind waiting just  a few more minutes because I am certain someone will be with you shortly.”

“Oh no, he stammered, I am in no hurry!  Thank you for , for everything, I appreciate it, I mean I really appreciate it!” That is how I like to calm down my patients and it is a bonus for me also!  Maybe next time you have to go to the hospital you might find a naughty nurse to help you out!

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