How I became The Naughty Nurse Part 1

I love to Fuck, so I became the Naughty Nurse!

My shift starts at 10 pm.  I am a RN and work the over night shift at the local hospital.  It really cuts into my dating and fucking life until I became the Naughty Nurse!

I love being a nurse and helping people but I love having sex even more!  So I became very happy when I discovered how to combine the two.  One night as I was on the clock at the hospital I noticed this really cute Doctor working also.  It was a very slow night so I went to have a cup of coffee with him.  We hit it off right away and started talking about everything.  Of course the conversation soon turned to sex and we both went into detail of what we liked.  I asked him if he might be interested in experiencing my talents of giving a blow job.  Needless to say I didn’t have to ask twice.  We went to his office where he turned and locked the door.

He reaches over and starts to fondle my big round tits.

I release the buttons of my uniform dress to allow him easier access.  I then reached down and undid his pants and reached in to find what I was looking for.  Surprised would be an understatement!  His cock was so big around I almost gasped!  “I know, I have been quite blessed, do you think you can handle it?”

I just knelt down and pulled his cock free of his pants and started to stroke it.

“My God, it is so big and beautiful!”  With that I leaned in and took him in my mouth.  I started to work my magic on his cock with my tongue.  Before I knew it he had his head thrown back and was thrusting his hips and fucking my face!  As he shot his load I swallowed as much as I could, but, God, there was no way I could get it all!  Leaning against the desk the Doctor grabbed me by the upper arm and pulled me up.  “Now my Naughty Nurse, is your turn!”

He leaned over and slapped me on the ass!

Then throwing my dress up, he leaned me over the desk, face down and spread my legs.  I laid like this for a long time not knowing what to expect.  Turning my head to see what he was doing, he reached over and turned my head back.  “Lay still, I am just admiring the view.”  I then received another slap on the ass followed by a caress.  I was getting very horny and wet by this time.  I think it was the anticipation that did it.  He had removed my tiny scrap of material that served as my underwear and was touching me, very softly at first and then with a little more gusto.  I felt him insert his finger very gently and swirl it around.  he then withdrew his finger and in a minute I felt his tongue. “Oh God, that feels so good stick your tongue in further!”

“You are a Naughty Nurse, aren’t you, a very very Naughty Nurse!”

Another slap on the ass  then a caress.  I was practically dripping at this point.  I was so horny I started to beg him for his cock!  By this time his cock was rock hard and he was ready to go also. Slowly he pushed the tip of his cock against my pussy lips letting me feel is and get it wet with my pussy juices.  Wanting to feel him inside me so badly I thrust my hips back and felt the head of his cock enter me.

Stretching me,  he pushed his big cock in a little further.

I have never had a cock this big before, It hurt, but it was a good hurt!  I wanted more!  Thrusting in a bit more I adjusted and leaned back into him.  It felt so good, I was trying desperately not to cum yet, I wanted so much more!  He gave it to me in one final thrust he buried himself into me up to the hilt!  Oh God!  It hurt, but it felt wonderful!  being very still he asked me if I was ok. “Yes, I am ok, just go slow at first, there is alot of cock there for me to adjust to.”

Slowly he started to move, just a little at first, then he started to pull out a little more only to thrust back in.  I started to match his rhythm.  Soon we were at a fevered pitch and I was ready to explode!  “Are you ready, you Naughty Nurse because here it comes.  At that precise moment we both exploded simultaneously.  “Wow!  that is all I can say is Wow!”  he tried to stand up but I think he was a little week in the knees because he fell back against me.

If you want to find out what happens next come back on Sunday to read How I became the Naughty Nurse Part 2.

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