How I became The Cheating wife Part 2

Cheating wife.

It felt so wonderful having him suck on my tits!

Reaching down I ran my fingers through his long curly dark hair, yes I am a dishonest woman!  It was so soft and silky, I just loved the way the curls wrapped around my fingers.  Continuing to suck my breasts he moved closer and I was then able to reach down and touch his cock.

Instantly he stilled and I wrapped my cheating fingers around his cock.

I felt him growing in my hand and before I knew it he was rock hard.  Slowly I started to stroke him through his shorts.  Sitting up he looked at me with a hopeful question in his eyes.  Knowing what he was silently asking I gave a short little nod of consent.

Standing up he opened up his shorts and slowly slid them down and off freeing his hard cock in the process!

He had such a gorgeous cock standing there at attention.  I leaned over and took him in my mouth.  He gave a quick gasp but then took a step closer giving me better access.  After I sucked on him for a while I stood up beside him and removed the rest of my swimsuit. This boy is going to make a dishonest woman out of me.

Reaching down his fingers found my waiting wet pussy!

My knees buckled and I sank back down onto the chair.  He went down on his knees between my legs and started to lick my pussy.  His tongue found my click and he spent some extra time licking, sucking and yes even nibbling on it.  It felt so good I thought I would explode in his mouth!

Standing up he reached for his cock and started to stroke it while I watched.

It was so erotic watching him stroke his own cock. Transfixed I continued to watch as small drops of precum came out of the tip of his cock.  My tongue went out instantly and took care of that drop and a couple of others that found there way to the tip of his cock. This makes being a cheating wife worthwhile!

He reached down and grabbed my hands and pulled me to my feet.  reaching under my arms he lifted me up like I weighed nothing and then settled me down onto his stiff cock.  My legs immediately found themselves wrapped around his waist.

He lifted me up until his cock came out of my pussy and was resting against my wet pussy lips.

Then he would lower me down until his cock was deeply embedded into my cunt.  This continued for several more strokes and then he started bucking and forcefully  slamming his cock into my pussy.  The feeling was about to over-cum me when I felt him exploding inside me!  I followed with my own explosion.  A very forceful climax!

Collapsing onto the floor we were both spent.

Never before had I ever cum so hard and so completely!  I new this was just the start, living without this kind of release would never be acceptable again!

So if my husband had to travel and then ignore me when he was home, I would find my release elsewhere.  I could be the perfect little wife as long as I was sexually satisfied.  Since my husband couldn’t or wouldn’t give it to me this cheating wife would find it elsewhere.  Whether it was with the neighbor boy or the grocery delivery guy or the man at the pharmacy, it didn’t matter as long as I could find my long awaited release.  This is how I became the cheating wife.

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