How I became The Cheating wife Part 1

Cheating wife.

I think back to when I was married and I think how many times I was a  cheating wife.   I know you are probably thinking that was lousy of me.  Well let me tell you the circumstances and you might change your mind.

My ex-husband was not a very nice person.  He was constantly traveling for “his job” or so he would tell me.  When he was home he minus well not be because he would hole up in his study or he was on his phone or out with the boys.

I was ordered to be available at his beck and call because he was not home that often anyway.  So even if I had plans and he would come home my plans had to be canceled.  If he had a business dinner I was expected to be the perfect loving wife on his arm.  I know he cheated on me but as he told me the guys are expected to cheat but they better not have a cheating wife!

So anyway enough about all that, I want to tell you about the fun that I had when he was not around.

We had a pool in the backyard and I loved to lay out there to sunbathe.  I know there were alot of times I would attract attention of the neighborhood boys.  I often would invite them in for a swim and then we would all have a really good time!

There is one time in particular that I can recall that was very rewarding for both me and the neighbor boy.  It was a very hot August day and as usual my husband was away on business.  I found myself out lying by the pool thinking about how horny I was.  I squirmed in my lounge chair trying to find a comfortable position.   It didn’t work I was so freaking horny I couldn’t stand it.

I reached down and slipped my fingers into my swimsuit and started to rub my clit.

Getting into it I was getting wetter and wetter when suddenly I realized I was being watched.  Freezing I looked around until I found the watching eyes at the corner of the fence.   I called out to him and invited him in.  Slowly he approached apologizing for watching me. Maybe it was time to be a cheating wife to get some satisfaction.

“You are so very hot I couldn’t help myself.  I was just coming over to ask you if you had any odd jobs you needed done.”

Informing him that at the moment I had one job that I would love for him to take care of and that was me.   I don’t think he knew what to think of that.  I patted the chair down at me feet, “Have a seat and I will explain it to you.”

Sitting down between my legs his eyes immediately wen to my breasts.

“It’s all right,”   I reached up and untied the strings at my neck causing my swimsuit to fall down and my breasts bounced free.

“Oh my God, they are beautiful!”  I encouraged him to go ahead and touch them.  Tentatively he reached out and cupped both of my breasts.  Squeezing slightly he leaned in and started to suck on first the left breast and then the right one.  I leaned back and pushed my breasts forward and up into his mouth more. Oh yes, I am definitely going to be a cheating wife today!

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