Housekeeper Roleplay, Lexi gets naughty with the boss part two

Please enjoy part two of my housekeeper roleplay blog!

As if he was still asking if he could fuck me while his dick was balls deep in my more than willing pussy, I was much more than cooperating with him anyway. I must admit I was enjoying his advances and his brave act because I am a sex-loving woman who likes these acts with strangers.

He pushed his hands under my top until he had a hold of both of my tits, he started rubbing them, pinching my hard nipples and he started fucking me passionately. The inner walls of my wet pussy were feeling each inch of his steel hard cock, which I had not seen until that moment, but I could feel it was long and thick, it felt like over a nine-inch cock in my pussy.

He kept fucking me nonstop, I came over his cock and he did not stop until he started moaning louder, fucking me harder and faster, I felt his cock getting harder and thicker in me. As of a sudden I felt a stream of warm cum being pumped into me, he did not stop, he kept at it, a stream after another until I felt my pussy was filled with his seeds.

He froze for a few minutes till I felt his softening cock popping out of me followed by droplets of cum leaking along my inner thighs, I did not look him in the eyes, but I said with my back to him “Sir, why did you cum in me?”

He said, “I am sorry babe, I could not help it, I just had to do it that way, it is the best of sex, I hope you are on the pill?”

I giggled saying “too late to ask, but luckily I am”

He walked to the bathroom upstairs in his master bedroom to shower without saying a word to me, but he left the available bathroom downstairs for me to shower. I took a long shower, walked out with a towel wrapped around my body.

As soon as I walked out of the bathroom, I found him standing right there wrapped with a towel waiting for me, he got closer held me between his arms and kissed me passionately on my lips, he unwrapped my towel and his and threw them away. He picked me up between his arms, he was big in size, and I looked like a bird in his arms.

He walked to his own bedroom until he lay me on bed, got on his knees and started passing his tongue over my body inch after another.

I said, “What are you doing sir?”

He kissed me passionately on the lips first then whispered, “what I had was the appetizer only, now I need the main course darling, I want to enjoy that gorgeous body of ours to the best we both could if possible?”

Deep inside, I loved the idea; I was not fucked and deserted after all, as I thought earlier, he fondled my tits, pinched, and sucked my nipples, licked my belly until he was over my crotch.

He lifted both of my legs up to my chest making both of my fuck holes available for his eyesight and tongue.

He licked and tongue fucked my pussy and ass completely until he made me cum, after my orgasm had subsided, he brought his cock to my face, I started sucking on it instantaneously. I happen to be one hell of a great cocksucker, I deep throated his cock balls deep, and he seemed to love it.

As of a sudden, he pulled his dick out of my mouth, went back down to where he was between my legs near my fuck holes. He started licking my ass intensively this time, pushing lots of his saliva in my rear fuckhole; I seem to have gotten an idea to what he was aiming at.

I know he wanted to fuck me in the ass this time, but of course I had no objections to that I love anal sex as much as I love being fucked in my pussy, that Is why I did not object at all to his advances. But he was clearly waiting for my approval.

He was rubbing his cock head to my ass hole and looking me straight in the eyes with a smile.

I nodded smiling which was the green light for him to push his fat cock head into my ass and he started pushing it, slowly and carefully until he was balls deep in my ass. Yes, I loved it, I was literally asking him to fuck my ass, hard and deep, he did it, and it felt like heaven on earth.

He fucked me for a few minutes, then pulled out and asked me to turn around; I was on doggy position this time. My head on the bed, my ass high up facing him, he shoved his cock in my ass and fucked me again, kept at it until he came one more time but in my ass this time, same way, he kept his cock in me until it softened and popped out of me.

We showered and I went back to finish my job while he was busy doing some work in his home office.

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