Housekeeper Roleplay, Lexi gets naughty with the boss part one

I hope this housekeeper roleplay really gets you in the mood…

I was in the kitchen, preparing the dinner for the boss, the house owner, who was a nice man of late forties or early fifties. He walked into the kitchen as of a sudden; he greeted me, stood there, and started watching me working. I greeted him back with a smile I somehow knew he was looking at my semi bare legs and my ass.

I was dressed in a mini skirt, a lacy top, not so tight to my body allowing me to work comfortably in the kitchen, but I was pantie less and braless. So I tried not to look at him, continued working as if he was not there, but all my senses were directed towards him. I knew he was interested in my body since the first minute I walked into his house, I made his advances welcome by flirting back with him in any chance I got.

Without any prior notice, he walked right behind me, wrapped his arms around me and hugged me from the back so tight, placed a few short kisses over my cheeks and saying, “I have never expected my maid to be as gorgeous, you are not a maid, you are more of Goddess!”

I did not react negatively, I did not attempt to stop him or try to get away from him, I only giggled whispering back “thanks” in a very feminine sexy vice.

He lifted my skirt up to my waist and started feeling my ass, groping it softly and feeling it, then he dropped to his knees and started kissing my ass cheeks, not a single negative reaction from my end, I guess my silence was taken as acceptance from my end to whatever he was doing to me. That is why he was advancing so fast, I felt his hands spreading my ass cheeks, shoved his tongue into my asshole; he started tongue fucking my ass.

Instead of struggling or stopping him, I bent over, giving him a better access down there; he started passing his tongue over my bare, wet pussy lips. He was not stupid, he could easily feel I was already wet, accepting all of his advances, my moaning was getting louder, and I was really enjoying his actions down there, I almost came.

Then he got up, unbuckled his belt, lowered his pants and shorts, and took them off; he held his rock-hard cock in hand and started rubbing its head to my dripping wet cunt. I pulled my body forward, away from him saying,

“What are you doing Sir?”

He said, “After tasting that pussy of yours, it is so delicious, I have to fuck you baby, I can’t hold it anymore”

In a non-convincing soft, sexy sound, I said, “Please don’t Sir! You know I am not a real maid; I am just doing this job temporarily to earn the extra money I am in bad need for”

He said, “I know, you don’t look like one at all, but I can help you with the money if I get to enjoy your body, I have lots of it and willing to give up more than what you need of it”

Deep inside I was very happy, simply because I was more of a whore doing such job than being a maid or a housekeeper, I relaxed, pushing my ass towards him till it rubbed to his hard cock saying softly and sexily “True I can use any extra penny I can get, but I should not be doing such things”

He pushed his cock head towards my pussy, rubbed its head to my wet cunt lips, and started sliding it in me slowly and easily; he held my ass cheeks with both of his hands pulling my body closer to him allowing his cock to slide balls deep in my pussy then he froze.

And he said, “Baby, I will make you happy and rich, Money will not be a price of anything, it is help and support only, just cooperate with me so we can enjoy it to the best, I have to enjoy that lovely body of yours, will you please?”


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