Hot sex with my boss and his wife!

Then, suddenly, his wife Kelly came bursting into his office. I had no idea what to do, she hadn’t taken one look at me. She just stared at her husband with anger.

“You weren’t supposed to fuck her without me!!!” She yelled.

Immediately got himself out of me and it made me let out a pleasure relieved sigh. He went over to her and she slapped him and then passionately started kissing him. I was absolutely mind blown, that was not the reaction I was expecting! I was almost ready to dash for the door but before I knew it, she was naked too. Watching her as she took off her blue button up blouse and slid her skirt off. Her tits looked so soft and smooth when they popped out of her top, her nipples were already hard and I couldn’t wait to get a taste of her.

I got off my bosses desk and she walked up to me. My heart was pounding! She got so close me that our breasts started pushing together. Her hands grabs my face and she starts kissing me. My lips felt so warm on hers and I felt her tongue press into my mouth, she tasted like cinnamon.

Steamy hot sex with my boss just got so much more fun!!

Her soft hand trailed softly down my tits, stomach, and right between my legs as we were kissing. She pushed me back onto the desk, Kelly was in between my legs eating my wet pussy as my boss got behind her and started teasing his wife’s horny pussy. Finally, He slid his cock right into her ass. Her fingers were in my pussy and my ass, her tongue on my clit. 

Then, she came so hard, her cum dripped all over the black carpets. It was such a sexy sight. Then, my boss made us both get on our knees in front of him and beg him for his cum and of course, we did what we were told. I wanted his thick creamy cum all over my face, I wanted to taste him so badly! We begged and licked on his cock as he stroked it right in front of our faces. Finally, with our mouths open and tongues out, I could see it pulsing. He exploded all over us!

I took a look at Kelly’s cum covered face and we started kissing and tasting the cum off each other as he watched. She tasted so good. I was beginning to think the night was coming to an end until Kelly pulled out a box of toys from her purse. This night was about to get so much more exciting!

I need to have hot sex with my boss and his wife more often!!

Part 2

Wanna hear what happened after Kelly pulled out her toys? Give me a call! I’d love to tell you ALL about it!

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