Carly and Tim have hot morning sex. Part 1


Carly woke up feeling especially frisky. It was because she loves hot morning sex. Because she was so aroused, she woke her husband up. Her long dark blond hair was splayed across the pillows. She moved her hands and touched her double d tits. They felt full and tender. She was so turned on. As a result, her nipples were hard and pointed. Tim, was laying beside her. Because he was laying so close, his hard chest against her arm. Carly, finding her encouragement glided her hand on his shaft. Instead of encouraging her, Tim turned his back to her and then fell back into his dreams.

Dejected and horny, she got up and walked into her bathroom in frustration. Expecting Tim to peek in, she left the door cracked, she removed her silk nightie from her body. The silk grazed her skin as it was being lifted, sending chills through out her body. Standing nude in front of the mirror she gazed at her body. With curves in all the right places, she often received stares from the opposite sex and even some from women. Her legs and ass were tight from being on her feet all day and from her daily yoga workout. At 5′ 7 she was tall with legs that never seemed to stop. Her skin was the color of buttery honey and her eyes changed with her mood. For now, they were dark, magnetic blue with lust. There was a strip of dark blond curls along her shaved pussy.

She needs hot morning sex NOW!

Wanting to get off, she lifted one leg to the stool, her pussy lips spread for a better look at what lied beneath. Carly’s wetness was glistening in the low light and her clit was aching to be touched. Carly took her fingers and stroked from the bottom slowly to the top of her pussy avoiding her aching clit on purpose. Shuttering, she began to slowly pleasure herself. As the wetness flooded her cunt she began to shake and lose her breath. No longer slow, she stuck her finger inside and began to finger fuck herself. With her other hand she rubbed her clit like a mad woman bringing herself closer to her inevitable orgasm. Panting and unable to contain herself she screamed her gratification.


She fell upon the stool, her breasts heaving, completely out of breath. She turned, saw her husband, his erection apparent in his boxers.”Could you not wait for me, baby?”  He got on his hands and knees before her so he could lick the wetness streaming down her thighs. As a result,

he could taste her excitement. As he took one quick lick of her deliciously wet pussy, and latched his mouth on her hard nipple, he gave her a smile. Her back arched with the awesome sensations assailing her.” I want that dick” she groaned through clenched teeth.

“Oh, you will have it…..” Tim smiled!

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