Hot Mom, A Son’s Tale of Lust and Desire for His Mom, Part 2

My hot mom made my dick hard again.  I had to have a taste of my mom’s sweet juices.  She must have felt my breath on her pussy because she awakened before I had the chance to run and hide.  She must have thought that it was my dad because she grabbed my head and pulled me into her, grinding her pussy on my face!  I didn’t miss the chance to lick her sweet pussy. She was moaning my dad’s name as she was grinding on me.

Afraid I was going to be caught, I reached over and turned the lamp off.

I continued licking her pussy. However, she rolled over and turned the lamp back on.  Therefore rolling my head out from beneath her thighs.  She looked and saw my erection and straddled my face wanting to do 69 with me.  My hot mom commented on how big and hard I was and how it reminded her of us in high school when we were dating.  I continued to devour her pussy when the phone rang interrupting our moment of passion.  It was my dad’s ringtone that snapped her back to reality and she realized it wasn’t her husband she was 69’ing with.

Therefore, snapping her head around and she realized it was me instead!

My hot mom was scrambling to get off of me as I was trying to calm her down.  Telling her it will be our little secret. She was visibly upset as I saw her eyes tear up.  She then said that my dad was her one and only.  The only man she has ever been with.  She did admit it has been hard with my dad being deployed and her always having to Skype with him and talk to him on the phone.  All that she wanted was a warm hard cock inside of her.  Mom pushed me back on the bed and started kissing me passionately. Her tongue tasted so good in my mouth, it was making my cock throb.  My mom was moaning as she was kissing me, talking dirty and blowing my mind, giving in to her own sexual desires.

My mom got on top of me sliding my hard cock into her tight, hot, wet pussy. She started riding me hard and grinding on my cock. Mom kept on saying do you want mommy’s cum on your cock? She had no idea how bad I wanted to make her cum!  I began to suck on her nipples, squeezing her perfect ass.  My cock was so hard and was ready to explode when I yelled out “mom, I’m going to cum”!  She said, “cum with me Brad!”  All of a sudden my mom’s phone rang it was my dad’s ringtone and we both climaxed together!  My mom then just collapsed her body on mine.

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